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Posts tagged ‘poop’

Photo Friday: Poop bag from Japan

Two Fridays ago, I posted reader Kate’s picture of a Czech poop bag, and today I have one for you from Japan, thanks to reader Deena. Here’s what she wrote:

“I wanted to add to your poop bag photo collection by sending photos of poop bags in Japan! These attached are of a brand of poop bags called ‘Poita-kun’ which are very popular with dog owners here. The bag has a layer of paper towel-like material on the outside,  … Read more

Reader’s report: Scoop law sign from Amsterdam, and living with a pet in the Netherlands

Reader Melissa kindly sent me this shot from, I think, Amsterdam (you’ll see why I think that in a moment):

“Niet op de stoep” means, I now know, “not on the sidewalk” in Dutch. You see similar warnings elsewhere in Europe, and they’re just so baffling. Who can predict when their dog will feel the urge to purge? It seems more sensible to acknowledge that sidewalk poop happens, and to address, instead, the issue of picking it up and  … Read more

Photo Friday: Poop bag from Prague

Reader Kate sent me this picture from Prague, and I’m grateful to her:

She tells me the bag is “coated paper with a cardboard scoop inside.” You know what a grim struggle it’d be to wrangle poop into a paper bag with a cardboard scoop — those poor Czechs must wish it were as easy (and flushable) as the picture suggests.

Kate doesn’t speak or read Czech, and neither do I. The only part I could get Google Translate to  … Read more

Photo Friday: Scoop law sign from Lucca

Reader Gail has brought us so many great photos, including two on the blog of Puccini, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, vacationing in Italy. At the beginning of April, she sent in two scoop law signs from Portofino and Sorrento, and now they’re joined by one from Lucca:

Gail saw this sign while she and Puccini “were out for our first passeggiata” after arriving in Lucca — how I envy her!

“Fido Lindo,” it says (or “Tidy Fido”), and indeed, there the pup is,  … Read more

Photo Friday: Scoop law sign from Paris

This is not the first Parisian scoop law sign I’ve posted. Nearly three years ago I started Dog Jaunt’s scoop law sign collection with this (blurry) placard from the Marais, and chortled over the owner’s trowel (now that I look at it again, I wonder why I didn’t notice how he’s also shooting a death ray at his dog with his left hand — granted, his pup is clearly not attending to business, but that seems extreme).

Nowadays it takes way  … Read more

Photo Friday: Scoop law signs from Chicago and Avignon

There is nothing cheerier than finding new scoop law signs in my in-box and Twitter feed — my thanks this week to reader Melissa and to Naomi Bishop, the blogger behind The Gastro Gnome (tweeting at @gastrognome), for a couple of world-class signs.

First up is Melissa’s sign, a whimsical offering from the Chicago Park District:

The expression on the dog’s face is priceless.

The whole thing is so charming that I find myself only distantly wondering why the Poop Fairy is using  … Read more

Photo Friday: Two scoop law signs from Italy

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see new-to-me scoop law signs. (I also get way more excited than I should about clever features of pet carriers — it’s taken me a long time, but with this blog, I have clearly found my joy.) So of course I squeaked happily when reader Gail sent me two pictures from a trip to Italy, one from Portofino, and the other from Sorrento.

The Portofino sign — a graphic design  … Read more

Photo Friday: Two scoop law signs, from France and Kansas

My post earlier this month about the two scoop law signs I saw in Tacoma, WA jogged the memory of reader Joan, who had planned to share the one she found in Entraygues-sur-Truyère, “a beautiful town in the central mountains of France.” I’m glad she remembered, because it’s a hoot:

Now that’s a dog. Compare, if you will, the standard PNW dog we’ve now seen in both the Seattle and Tacoma signs — also a hound, but lacking the  … Read more

Photo Friday : Two scoop law signs in Tacoma, WA

I love scoop law signs (do a search on the blog for “scoop law,” and you’ll see the collection so far) because they apparently present an enormous challenge to graphic designers. The two I found on a recent walk in Tacoma, WA, a city with character and charm some 40 minutes south of Seattle, are gems.

The first gets points for an unusually realistic pile of of poop (compare and contrast the poop in Vancouver, B.C.’s signs), but forfeits most of  … Read more

Je ramasse: Dog poop in Paris

I finally thought of taking a picture of one of these Parisian scoop law signs on our way back from dinner last night (there was wine, yes, which explains the blurry). “I love my neighborhood,” it says, “[so therefore] I scoop.” Maybe it’s effective — who knows? There is a fair amount of unscooped poop, but most of it is in the streets or at the edges of the sidewalks. The thing that knocks me out is the little shovel  … Read more