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Photo Friday: Scoop law sign from Paris

This is not the first Parisian scoop law sign I’ve posted. Nearly three years ago I started Dog Jaunt’s scoop law sign collection with this (blurry) placard from the Marais, and chortled over the owner’s trowel (now that I look at it again, I wonder why I didn’t notice how he’s also shooting a death ray at his dog with his left hand — granted, his pup is clearly not attending to business, but that seems extreme).

Nowadays it takes way more than a mere garden tool to make me cherish a scoop law sign. Happily, the marvelous @gastrognome, Naomi Bishop, was up to the challenge (recall that she brought us, two weeks ago, a sign from Avignon that combined solid good sense with a dog wearing a mullet). Here’s what she found when she rummaged some more in her photo collection:

I was stunned. Is it even a scoop law sign? Would its audience (this is Paris, after all) necessarily make the connection between loving their dog, being responsible for him, and picking up his poop? But the question that really has to be asked is why is there a small Eiffel Tower on that dog’s head? (There are other questions, sure, like why is he wearing a bow tie, and is that a plummeting snake over his left ear, but they’re less pressing.) Why?? And why does it have, as Naomi pointed out, a Christmas tree topper on it?

There are no answers. This sign is as enigmatic as modern French literature, and I love it. Thanks so much, Naomi! Happy Friday to you all — have fun with your pup this weekend, and if you have a chance, send me a picture! If you want to see the rest of the scoop law sign collection, click on the “scoop law” tag below this post, or type “scoop law” in the search box.

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  • zadig

    “why is there a small Eiffel Tower on that dog’s head?” Ahahaha you make me laugh !!! This is so french to do it !!!!



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