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Product reviews

SHOLDIT travel scarf: Alternative way to stow stuff you’ll need while flying

It’s a problem I’ve been writing about since I started this blog: Travelers with pet dogs are typically limited by airlines to a pet carrier and a small personal item (or, more rarely, to a pet carrier and a carry-on), and once you’ve stowed your pet under your seat, there’s typically no room next to her for anything else — so either you spend your flight, especially a turbulent flight, looking hopelessly up at the overhead compartment or you come up with some way to keep your book, your water bottle, your stuff, accessible.… Read the rest

New car harness for dogs: Sleepypod’s Clickit Utility harness

As I mentioned in a post last July, I replaced Chloe’s first car safety solution (a combination of the medium-sized Snoozer Lookout car booster seat and a harness-and-belt that she wore while in it) with the Pet Tube from PetEgo, about 24 hours after I watched a series of videos filmed by the Center for Pet Safety, showing what happens to a crash-test dummy of a Boxer wearing a number of safety harnesses/tethers (makers unidentified) in a 50 mph crash.… Read the rest

Travel clipper for long-haired dogs

Those of you with Boston Terriers or smooth-haired Dachshunds won’t care a bit about this, and I recommend that you instead check out Edie Jarolim’s post about taking Frankie into a cactus patch for a late-night bathroom break. I’m talking to the Cavalier owners, the Papillon owners, the (heaven help them) Sheltie owners — those of us with generously-coated and deliriously active dogs, who return from even a short walk a mass of burrs and pine needles and other debris.… Read the rest