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Photo Friday: Poop bag from Prague

Reader Kate sent me this picture from Prague, and I’m grateful to her:

She tells me the bag is “coated paper with a cardboard scoop inside.” You know what a grim struggle it’d be to wrangle poop into a paper bag with a cardboard scoop — those poor Czechs must wish it were as easy (and flushable) as the picture suggests.

Kate doesn’t speak or read Czech, and neither do I. The only part I could get Google Translate to recognize is the first half of the larger type at the bottom, which emphatically states that the bag is not to be used for food storage. That was the message on the Fido Lindo sign that Gail sent from Lucca, too — I’ve never been the slightest bit tempted to use a poop bag for food storage, but it must be a grave problem to merit all these warnings.

Here’s Kate’s pup Lambert, by the way — a Poodle mix who’s “been on about 7 domestic round-trip flights and countless road trips around So Cal and Nevada. He is 10.5 pounds and uses a Sleepypod Air.” This picture shows him in his Air carrier:

“Have Hedgehog will travel,” says Kate!

Thank you so much, Kate! I’m making this an honorary member of Dog Jaunt’s scoop law sign collection. To see others, click on the “scoop law” tag below this post, or type “scoop law” in the search box.


  • Naomi, who sent two scoop law sign pictures to the blog from France, just sent me another picture of this bag, so now I can tell you that the top bit of text explains that using this bag helps keep the city tidy. Sober text for such a goofy illustration!

  • Carrie

    Lived in Czech. Applauded the paper poop bag (and the Czech sense of humour! ) They are dotted about in free dispensers, free, convenient and environmentally friendly! Awesome. How can I introduce them in my town? I support the GreenParty (i.e. poor as church mice Party) and think this positive, simple change would win us some well deserved community visibility!

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