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Book reviews

Book review: “Ahound the World: My Travels with Oscar”

Author Joanne Lefson set off from Cape Town in May 2009 with her mutt Oscar, rescued from a local shelter, and visited 29 countries on 5 continents over the course of nearly 8 months — all in an effort to publicize the plight of homeless dogs, and to promote dog adoption and spay/neuter programs. Her book about their trip, published in October 2010, is unfiltered and engaging, and the pictures — mainly of Oscar in front of monuments like the  … Read more

Travel book review: An Irreverent Curiosity

A couple of weeks ago I posted a review of Narrow Dog to Carcassonne, describing a British couple’s voyage in their canal boat from England’s West Midlands to southern France. I mentioned that I had found it by chance, in the course of looking for (and failing to find) an entirely different book, Irreverent Curiosity. A day later, David Farley, the author of Irreverent Curiosity, contacted me by e-mail and thanked me for my interest in his book. I assured  … Read more

Travel book review: Narrow Dog to Carcassonne

This was an impulse purchase. I found it while I was looking in the travel literature section for a book I’d heard about at the TBEX travel bloggers conference, describing one man’s search for Jesus’s foreskin (stolen in 1983 from a Northern Italian village church). I now know that that book, David Farley’s An Irreverent Curiosity, is shelved in an entirely different part of the store, and I’ll return for it, but in the meantime I’ve been happily absorbed in the  … Read more

Book review: Am I Boring My Dog? And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew

Full disclosure: I know and like Edie Jarolim, the author of this book. We met through Twitter, and finally laid eyes on each other at the BlogPaws conference in April. This review, therefore, might be tinged with affection for a smart and funny lady with an adorable dog — or it might not. I was an English major, and when I get a book in one hand and a pencil in the other, I become unrecognizably stern.

Am I Boring My  … Read more

Book review: It’s A Dog’s World — The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living

Somehow I got the (mistaken) idea that this new book by pet-lifestyle expert and animal rights advocate Wendy Diamond is all about traveling with your dog, so of course I snapped it up to review for you. It turns out that only Chapter 3 deals with dog travel — but it’s a useful, inspiring chapter, and I’m not a bit unhappy.

Generally speaking, It’s a Dog’s World is an upbeat book encouraging you to get off your duff and enjoy your  … Read more

Travel book review: Globetrotting Pets — An International Travel Guide

Published in 2003, this book is very useful but it’s starting to show its age. Be sure to double check the entry requirements for the countries you’re traveling to, and don’t be surprised if you need to get updated contact information. That said, I’m very glad to own Globetrotting Pets — the author gives you a good understanding of the kinds of documents needed and how to get hold of them, and generally reduces the task of preparing for international travel  … Read more

Travel book review: The Pet Travel and Fun Authority

I kept hearing about this book, last published in 2001 and now out of print, and I finally bought a copy for myself. I was surprised to find that it’s a directory more than a guidebook — there is a bit of text at the beginning of each state’s listings, briefly describing the editors’ favorite dog-related activities in that state, but the bulk of the book consists of lists of dog-friendly places to “sit” (restaurants and shops — not very  … Read more

Fido Friendly magazine

I just received the first issue of my new subscription to Fido Friendly (August 2009), and I’ve dog-eared nearly every page in the extensive Travel section. The articles (three “notes” and eleven longer pieces) are informative and tempting. The locations range from Borrego Springs, CA to Madisonville, LA to Bruges, and include resorts, restaurants, campgrounds and dog-friendly cemeteries. Take a look at an issue — it certainly has me thinking about visiting places I would never have thought of otherwise.

I  … Read more

Travel book review: Cruising with Your Four-Footed Friends — The Basics of Boat Travel with Your Cat or Dog

This book, by sailor and author Diana Jessie, is useful but doesn’t evoke the same kind of rapturous praise — from me at least — as Jessica Stone’s book on the same topic. Jessie is clearly an experienced sailor and offers sensible, considered advice about how to handle traveling in a boat with pets, but too much of the book is devoted to general pet care issues. There are, for example, long sections about pet grooming, cat toilet training and  … Read more

Travel book review: Doggy on Deck — Life at Sea with a Salty Dog

The second subtitle of this great book by Jessica Stone says it all: “Absolutely Everything You Need to Know Before Cruising with Fido.” I can’t rave enough about Doggy on Deck — it’s well-written, it’s thorough, it provides resources for all the products discussed in the text. I’m racking my brains for something to criticize (you know, to show that I have a balanced perspective) but there’s just nothing wrong with this book.

For those of you eager to read more  … Read more