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Photo Friday: Scoop law signs from Chicago and Avignon

There is nothing cheerier than finding new scoop law signs in my in-box and Twitter feed — my thanks this week to reader Melissa and to Naomi Bishop, the blogger behind The Gastro Gnome (tweeting at @gastrognome), for a couple of world-class signs.

First up is Melissa’s sign, a whimsical offering from the Chicago Park District:

The expression on the dog’s face is priceless.

The whole thing is so charming that I find myself only distantly wondering why the Poop Fairy is using fireplace tools to pick up dog poo. (Also, where is that dog’s collar? An owner and leash would just clutter up the scene, I get it, but fer Gawd’s sake, get some I.D. on that pup.)

At the other end of the spectrum is the solidly practical sign Naomi photographed in Avignon:

In English, it’s “dog poop.” In French, it’s “déjections canines.” The French totally win.

While it’s not perfect (for one thing, while I get the link between loving Avignon and picking up dog poop, the link between loving my dog and picking up dog poop is less obvious), the sign makes it absolutely clear what you are supposed to do, and why. Also, that’s a darned cute dog, despite (or perhaps because of) his mullet.

Thank you again for sending me these signs! I’ll keep refreshing my in-box, in the hope that more arrive. If you want to see the others in the collection, click on the “scoop law” tag below this post, or type “scoop law” in the search box.