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Je ramasse: Dog poop in Paris

I finally thought of taking a picture of one of these Parisian scoop law signs on our way back from dinner last night (there was wine, yes, which explains the blurry). “I love my neighborhood,” it says, “[so therefore] I scoop.” Maybe it’s effective — who knows? There is a fair amount of unscooped poop, but most of it is in the streets or at the edges of the sidewalks. The thing that knocks me out is the little shovel — how elegant! How impractical!


  • We didn’t see anyone scooping during our visit, but on the other hand, they have those street cleaners that come out with plastic brooms early in the morning and turn on the fire hydrants to sweep/wash away debris. I think they clean up a lot of the poop, so it hasn’t been completely disastrous (we do keep an eye on the ground, though!).

  • zadig

    “Picking up the poo in Paris is a huge problem. Nobody does it.” Not Nobody ! There are citizen owners who do it !

  • Sandee Geres

    Just came back from first trip to Paris – absolutely amazing! But was shocked by no “dog poop laws” – guess it’s good lots of dogs I saw were smaller thus, well you get the idea … Saw very little trash in city – they have these racks w/long plastic bags everywhere and saw many people use them. They could have little bags attached to same rack for people to use for their dogs. Everything that has ever come out of my Labs and Greyhounds has been picked up by me … come on dog owners everywhere … let’s keep our amazing world beautiful!

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