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Thai Airways no longer takes in-cabin pets

I learned about this policy change from reader Naomi, and sure enough, a Thai Airways customer service rep just confirmed that the airline stopped taking in-cabin pets “over a month ago.” This is such bad news, not just because Thai Air is a pleasant airline to fly on, but also because its maximums for in-cabin pet weight and carrier size were unusually generous. Other airlines going to Asia allow in-cabin pets (including, for example, Korean Air and Asiana), but their official maximums describe very small pets.

Pets can still travel on Thai Airways, but only checked as baggage (meaning traveling on the same plane as you) or cargo (meaning traveling on their own).

I have unhappily updated Dog Jaunt’s charts about international airlines’ in-cabin pet policies, how a pet carrier counts towards international airlines’ carry-on policies, and international airlines’ policies re pets checked as baggage/cargo.