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Frontier Airlines now allows pets to fly in-cabin

Frontier Airlines announced today that small pets (including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, or small household birds within the U.S. — only dogs and cats to international destinations) may travel in-cabin with their owners. There is a $75 (each way) fee, which makes the policy competitive with Southwest’s policy. Also like Southwest, Frontier had the good sense not to specify a maximum carrier size. Instead, it has provided customers with the dimensions of the under-seat spaces on its various planes (see below), and allows them to choose a carrier that maximizes the space available. Bravo, Frontier!!

Maximum dimensions are based on aircraft type:

  • Airbus A318/A319/A320: 24″ length x 15. 5″ width x 10″ height.
  • Embraer E170/E175/E190: 18″ length x 13.5″ width x 10″ height.
  • Embraer E135/E140/E145: 17″ length x 12″ width x 10″ height.
  • Bombardier Q400: 17″ length x 15.5″ width x 12.4″ height.

To compare the new Frontier in-cabin pet policy with that of other airlines, take a look at Dog Jaunt’s handy guide. Please note that Frontier continues to allow larger dogs to travel under the plane as checked baggage.