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Midwest Airlines no longer allows in-cabin pets

I just learned tonight that Midwest Airlines has quietly canceled its previous policy of allowing small pets to travel in-cabin. The reservations agent I spoke to told me that the change happened “recently.” Midwest’s current program allows pets to travel “below cabin” (with their owners on board) or as air cargo (owner not on board).


  • Vicki

    Midwest Airlines Executive status in 2009, but will never fly them again starting in 2010!

    After being a loyal customer to Midwest Airlines, I will never fly with them again! I had booked my flights over the holidays and specifically booked my dog to travel in cabin as he has on numerous occasions. The travel to my destination was without problems, but on my return trip, I was told that my dog could not fly with me in cabin after checking into my flight and initiating the boarding process. I have never felt so uncomfortable traveling on any airline. I never received any notification of their pet in cabin policy change despite regularly flying with my dog on Midwest airlines. To make matters worse, I have accumulated enough trips for a free round trip for my dog, but will not be able to use it thanks to their discontinuation of the program. I was Executive status in 2009, but will never fly them again starting in 2010!

  • How vexing, Vicki! I was surprised by how low-key the public announcement was, but you had no warning at all! How did your dog get home on that trip?

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