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International airline policies re pets checked as baggage/cargo

I provide this chart more for completeness than anything else, since most Dog Jaunt readers have small dogs that can travel in-cabin with their owners (and will therefore want to consult this chart instead).

The following information has been collected from the airlines’ published pet policies, supplemented (in some cases) by telephone inquiries. It was last updated on April 15, 2013.

For each airline, I have provided a link to the airline’s pet policy. It is a good idea to print out a copy of your airline’s policy, so that if a dispute arises with a ticketing or gate agent, you will have the actual policy to refer to (not the agent’s potentially faulty memory of the policy).

AirlineChecked pets OK?Minimum age?Largest kennel?Weight limit
(pet + kennel)
Fee (each way)Reservation needed?Cargo shipping available?
Aer LingusYes10 weeksnot statednot statedFrom U.S., not stated (call Pet Express at 1-866-PET-MOVE); from Ireland, 160€yesyes
AeroflotYesnot statednot statednot stated"charged as excess baggage"yesnot stated
AeroMexicoYesnot statednot statednot stated$90 from/to U.S. ($80 pre-paid)not statedyes
Air CanadaYes8 weeksSeries 700 ["292 cm (115 in) in linear dimensions
(length + width + height)"]
32 kg (70 lbs.)$105 USD/CAD from/to U.S.; $270 internationalyesyes
Air FranceYes15 weeks (8 weeks in "metropolitan France")not stated75 kg (165 lbs.)200 from/to USA (EUR, USD or CAD, depending on country of departure)yesyes
Air New ZealandYes (domestic flights only)3 monthsChecked pets:
B737: 86cm H x 114cm W
A320: 65cm H x 85cm W
Link: 70cm H x 50cm W
no apparent upper limitChecked pets: $75 NZ (up to 25 kg); $100 NZ (26 kg and over)yesyes (only option for international travel)
AlitaliaYes3 monthsnot stated75 kg$260 from USA, 200€ to USAnot statednot stated
American AirlinesYes8 weeksSeries 500 (Series 400 on MD-80 (S80), Boeing 737, and American Eagle aircraft)not stated$175 ($150 from/to Brazil)noyes
ANA All Nippon AirwaysYesnot statednot statednot stated30,000 Yen ($300) from/to U.S.yesno
Asiana AirlinesYes8 weeksSeries 700? (" the three sides of the carrier may not exceed 246cm totally in length and its height may not exceed 84cm")32 kgnot statednot statedno
British AirwaysNo (cargo only)yes
Cathay Pacific AirlinesYesnot statedunclear [extra fee charged if "larger than 158cm (62in)"]32 kg (70 lbs.)Charged "by piece system" from/to North Americanot statedunclear
Continentalsame as United
DeltaYes (cargo only for travel to or from South Africa, Hong Kong, or the United Kingdom)not statedSeries 500 (Series 700 and larger crates okay in cargo)not stated$200 USD/CAD/EURyesyes
EmiratesYes (except flights arriving in Dubai; also flight must be under 17 hrs.)not statednot statednot stated"normal excess baggage rates"not statedyes
EtihadNo (cargo only)yes
EVA AirYesnot statednot statedNo restriction "with the exception of structural limitations on some aircraft""charged as excess baggage"yesno
IberiaYes (except on IB5XXX flights)not statednot statednot stated"the rate applicable for excess baggage"not statedno
IcelandairYesnot statedSeries 400? ("Maximum kennel dimensions are 92x56x71 cm")32 kg"the excess baggage charge applicable to the destination"yesyes
JALYes8 weeksnot statednot stated"assessed according to the route"yesyes
KLMYes6 kg (13 lbs.) totalSeries 700 (Series 500 on some aircraft)75 kg (165 lbs.)Varies by destination; there will be an extra charge if your layover at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport lasts 2 hours or longeryesyes
Korean Air
(under "At the Airport," then "Baggage"
Yes8 weeksSeries 500? ["The total dimension(length+width+height) of the kennel should not exceed 246cm. (84cm or 33inch high on some aircrafts)"]32 kg"fixed excess baggage charges": KRW200,000/ USD200/CAD200 from/to North Americayesno
LANYes8 weeksnot statednot stated"an excess baggage charge"yesyes
LufthansaYesnot statedSeries 50022 kgVaries by crate size and destination: $300 USD/CAD, 400 EUR for Series 500 from/to U.S.yesyes
Open SkiesYesnot statednot statednot stated$196 or 125€yesno
QantasYes (domestic flights only)not statedChecked: Series 100
Cargo: Series 700 ("Must not exceed 84cm in height")
Checked: 20kgSeries 100=2 "pet packs"; applied against your normal baggage allowanceyesyes (only option for international travel, inc. domestic sector of international flights)
Qatar AirwaysYesnot statednot statednot statednot statedyesyes
SASYesnot statedSeries 700+ ["If the cage size exceeds 158 cm (length + width + height), the price will double"]not stated€150/$200 intercontinentalyesyes
Singapore AirlinesYes6 monthsnot statednot stated"Pets - together with their containers - will be treated as excess baggage and charged accordingly"yesyes
SwissYesnot statednot statednot stated400 USD/CAD, 300 EUR from/to U.S., for carrier larger than Series 100 (plus a Customs fee of CHF 88)yesyes
TAP PortugalYesnot statednot stated45 kg (32 kg if travelling to/from/via USA, Hungary, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands)€200 intercontinental (€300 if pet weighs up to 45 kg)yesyes
THAIYesnot statedSeries 500 ("54 inches length, 27 inches height, 33 inches wide")32 kgcalculated as
excess baggage
Turkish AirlinesYesnot statednot statednot statedunclear ("the piece concept applies")yesno
UnitedNo (cargo only)yes
U.S. AirwaysNono
Virgin AtlanticYesnot statednot statednot stated"depends on the size of its travel box"yesyes