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Photo Friday: Bentley the Boxer on a seaplane

This week’s photo is courtesy of my husband, who flew from Seattle to Friday Harbor last weekend a seat or two behind Bentley the Boxer, who (he learned) is a frequent flyer on Kenmore Air.

After the photo, read all about this week’s giveaway — I’ll be giving goodies away over the next several Photo Fridays!

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  • Edie

    Ok, I’m confused. Bentley must be a very small boxer or Kenmore must not be very strict about its 20 pound limit! It sounds like a great airline so I hope it’s the latter….

  • No wonder you’re confused! My Kenmore Air post only talked about small dogs in carriers. I called Kenmore this morning, got the word on big dogs (okay on board, but a $75 fee), and updated my post accordingly. Thanks for the nudge!

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