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Photo Friday: Sadie the Boxer mix puppy

Today’s photos were sent to me by readers Donna and Stuart, who are traveling the U.S. in an RV with their Boxer mix puppy named Sadie. These particular photos are from a side trip by motorcycle to Key West:

Sadie, in Doggles goggles, on the back of Stuart's Harley-Davidson trike

And this one is of Sadie getting a lift from Stuart at the end of a long day:

Now THAT is a wonderful dog...

I was happy (and impressed!) to learn that they are a family of many blogs: Sadie has a blog of her own, called Sadie Speaks; Donna and Stuart write a blog with the wonderful name of 2 Taking a 5th, about their travels; and Donna writes a third blog, called Toadily Pets, about a variety of pet-related topics.

I’d love to see your pup, and hear what you’ve been up to together this week — please post your photos on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page so we can all enjoy them!