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Photo Friday: Chloe and the seaplane

I’ve known for a while that you’re allowed to bring pet dogs on Kenmore Airlines’ seaplanes (Kenmore’s fleet of Beaver, Otter and Cessna seaplanes goes all over the Pacific Northwest), but we hadn’t taken Chloe on a flight to Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island, until this August. In fact, the “we” is misleading, since I wasn’t there. My husband flew, and, as always, I drove a station wagon full of stuff — I keep assuring him that this load is absolutely, positively the last load ever, and from now on we’ll just flit lightly back and forth — but it’s a big lie. He sweet-talked another passenger into taking this picture:

Chloe didn’t need to be in her carrier — leashed is all that Kenmore requires — but she seemed more comfortable in there. She was a little surprised by the noise of the engines when they lifted off from Lake Union, in Seattle (my husband kept his arm in her carrier, and he reports that there was a great deal of licking during take-off), but she fell asleep during flight, and was not rattled by their second take-off at Roche Harbor.

You need to call and tell the Kenmore folks that you’ll have a pet dog with you, since there isn’t a place to make that note during the on-line reservation process. Only one pet is allowed per flight. And what if your pet isn’t lap-sized? No problem, as you’ll see in this Photo Friday post from August 2010, featuring Bentley the Boxer.

I’d love to see how you and your pup spent your time together this week — please post your photos on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page so we can all see them! And three cheers for Kenmore Airlines, for welcoming pet dogs on board and for arranging it so passengers earn Alaska Airlines miles for their Kenmore flights.