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Sun Country Airlines increases fee for in-cabin pets

You win some, you lose some. Yesterday Northwest lowered its fee for in-cabin pets, and today Sun Country increased its fee from $75 (each way) to $100 (each way). In my opinion, $75 is a lot to pay for a carry-on bag (your dog’s carrier takes the place of your normal carry-on, so it’s not like you’re paying for an extra bag), especially one that must go under the seat in front of you, and $100 is too darned much.

(For more information about U.S. airlines’ in-cabin pet policies, check out Dog Jaunt’s handy guide.)


  • Bev

    True it does take the place of a carry-on, but if the plane is full they may ask people to check
    their carry-on. My son was able to check his for free when this happened to us. Obviously an in-cabin dog carrier can’t be checked luggage to free up space. So we pay for it not being a versatile bag.

    I’m just glad our dog can fly in-cabin so I will pay (but just give her a seat next to me! lol)

  • Hi, Bev! I hear you — I too am grateful that the airlines, unlike the bus companies and Amtrak, allow pet dogs in-cabin, and I pay the fees they charge. On several occasions, however, I’ve paid more for Chloe’s ticket than for mine, and that’s just silly.

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