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What kinds of pets can travel in-cabin on a plane?

I had to research this question for another reason (soon to be revealed), and I thought, why keep it to myself? It’s not quite on-topic, since all airlines that allow pets to travel in-cabin allow small dogs to travel in-cabin (well, except for Etihad, which only allows falcons in cabin) — and dogs are what this blog is about — but what the heck. Why not make someone’s life a little easier?

Keep in mind that this info is current as of today, but may change. Double-check your airline’s current pet policy by using the links I’ve provided in my guides for the major U.S. airlines and leading international airlines.

U.S. airlines

AirTran: Dogs and cats

Alaska: Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits

Allegiant: Dogs and cats

American: Dogs and cats

Continental/United: Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits

Delta: Dogs, cats, birds

Frontier: Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters

Hawaiian: Dogs and cats

JetBlue: Dogs and cats

Southwest: Dogs and cats

Spirit: Dogs, cats, birds

Sun Country: Dogs and cats

U.S. Air: Dogs, cats, birds

Virgin America: Dogs and cats

International airlines

Air Canada: Dogs and cats

Air France: Dogs and cats

Alitalia: Dogs, cats, birds

American: Dogs and cats

Asiana: Dogs, cats, birds

Continental/United: Travelers are directed to contact Reservations for information

Delta: Dogs, cats, birds

Etihad: Falcons

Iberia: Dogs, cats, birds, turtles, “etc.” (but not any “weasels,” including ferrets and sables)

KLM: Dogs and cats

Korean: Dogs, cats, birds

Lufthansa: Dogs and cats

Open Skies: Dogs and cats

SAS: Dogs and cats

Swiss: Dogs and cats

TAP Portugal: Dogs and cats

Thai: Dogs and cats

Turkish: Dogs and cats


  • Mia

    haha, oh Mary-Alice…the things that are unintentionally hilarious. Does Etihad really ONLY allow FALCONS?!?! And no weasels on Iberia? How sad. I know a lot of little weasels that are pretty good at masquerading as little boys though, so shouldn’t be too much of a problem for people. Ha ha!

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