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Airline policy updates

Alaska and Horizon now accept soft-sided in-cabin pet carriers

Until recently, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air officially only accepted hard-sided in-cabin pet carriers (all other U.S. airlines that welcome in-cabin pets accept soft-sided carriers). Now, however, both airlines will allow you to bring your pet on board in a soft-sided carrier, and they’ve cut pet owners a break on the height: Soft-sided carriers may be 10 inches tall, 2.5 inches taller than the maximum allowed for hard-sided carriers.

To compare the Alaska/Horizon in-cabin pet policy with that of other airlines,  … Read more

New Dog Jaunt guide: Chart of international airlines’ policies for in-cabin pets

I’m pleased to announce that Dog Jaunt’s “Guides” section now includes a chart setting out the highlights of the major international airlines’ policies for in-cabin pets. I’ve also added it to Dog Jaunt’s sister site, called Pet Carrier Reviews (which has been accumulating more crate and carrier reviews to look at!).

Things that caught my attention: Several of the airlines allow in-cabin pets to travel in slightly larger carriers than U.S. airlines generally do: Air Canada, Air France, Asiana, KLM and  … Read more

In-cabin pets on JetBlue earn owners frequent flyer points

It costs an arm and a leg to bring your dog with you in an airplane cabin, but JetBlue sweetens the pill by adding 300 points to your TrueBlue frequent flyer account for each flight you take accompanied by your pet. That’s pretty generous (it’s as much a person earns taking a short JetBlue flight, e.g., from JFK to Buffalo). It’s also unique: No other U.S. airline offers a sweetener to passengers paying for in-cabin pets.

Midwest Airlines no longer allows in-cabin pets

I just learned tonight that Midwest Airlines has quietly canceled its previous policy of allowing small pets to travel in-cabin. The reservations agent I spoke to told me that the change happened “recently.” Midwest’s current program allows pets to travel “below cabin” (with their owners on board) or as air cargo (owner not on board).

Guaranteed On Board Program from American Airlines and Sherpa

Under this program, recently launched by Sherpa Pet Group and American Airlines, if your dog fits in one of three Sherpa carriers approved by American and you correctly fill out the Guaranteed On Board form “you can be sure that your pet and its carrier are compliant with American’s rules and regulations. Should you be denied boarding due to your carrier, Sherpa Pet Group will refund the cost of your American Airlines flight and your pet travel expenses – GUARANTEED!”

It’s  … Read more

U.S. airline policies for pets as checked baggage

Since this blog focuses on traveling with a small dog, I’ve only provided you with a guide that sets out the main U.S. airlines’ policies for in-cabin pets. That’s how I travel with Chloe, and how I suspect most of you travel with your small dogs. However, I’ve created a chart for my other blog (Pet Carrier Reviews) that sets out the main U.S. airlines’ policies for pets as checked baggage, and I thought I’d let you know about it — sometimes  … Read more

Sun Country Airlines increases fee for in-cabin pets

You win some, you lose some. Yesterday Northwest lowered its fee for in-cabin pets, and today Sun Country increased its fee from $75 (each way) to $100 (each way). In my opinion, $75 is a lot to pay for a carry-on bag (your dog’s carrier takes the place of your normal carry-on, so it’s not like you’re paying for an extra bag), especially one that must go under the seat in front of you, and $100 is too darned much.

(For  … Read more

Northwest Air lowers price for in-cabin pets

I just got word that Northwest Airlines has lowered its fee for an in-cabin pet from $150 (each way) to $100 (each way). Still too expensive, in my opinion, but certainly a step in the right direction.

(For more information about U.S. airlines’ in-cabin pet policies, check out Dog Jaunt’s handy guide.)

Southwest Airlines changes pet policy

Southwest Airlines announced today that customers can begin purchasing tickets on June 1 for their dogs or cats, for in-cabin travel on flights starting June 17, 2009. This makes Dog Jaunt happy, since Southwest had been our favorite airline until we began traveling with Chloe.

Here are the highlights of Southwest’s new pet policy: The airline will only accept dogs and cats for in-cabin travel. Call Southwest to make a reservation for your pet, after you have booked your own travel. Up to  … Read more

Continental Airlines: On-line in-cabin pet booking

Continental Airlines also allows on-line reservations for pets that will travel in-cabin with you — and unlike Northwest, Continental allows you to add the pet to your initial Flight Search, so that the list of flights that are ultimately offered to you for consideration can all accommodate your dog (the flights that aren’t eligible for in-cabin pet travel are marked in red).

Here’s what you do: At Continental’s home page, click on the “Reservations” tab and select “Make Flight Reservation.” The  … Read more