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Continental Airlines: On-line in-cabin pet booking

Continental Airlines also allows on-line reservations for pets that will travel in-cabin with you — and unlike Northwest, Continental allows you to add the pet to your initial Flight Search, so that the list of flights that are ultimately offered to you for consideration can all accommodate your dog (the flights that aren’t eligible for in-cabin pet travel are marked in red).

Here’s what you do: At Continental’s home page, click on the “Reservations” tab and select “Make Flight Reservation.” The resulting “Flight Search” page is organized as a list of questions; the third question is “Who is traveling,” and includes a box to check if you want to include a pet in your reservation. The next page (“Add Pet”), asks for the number of in-cabin pets you propose bringing, and then you’re on your way. The system is blessedly easy to use — three cheers for Continental!