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Winner of the Sleepypod Air pet carrier giveaway

Thanks so much to everyone who entered Dog Jaunt’s and Will My Dog Hate Me‘s giveaway for a Sleepypod Air pet carrier, and thank you to Sleepypod for sponsoring it!

We asked entrants to send us pictures of their dog’s “favorite toy or blankie — the one that you’d tuck into your dog’s carrier as you set off on a trip, because you know he loves it best,” and we told them that pictures including both toy and dog would get extra love. … Read the rest

Product review: Sleepypod Air pet carrier

This is an unpaid and unsolicited review of Sleepypod’s new Air pet carrier. Sleepypod sent me a carrier, at my request, to try out and review. The company has also generously given me a second, unused Air carrier to give away to one lucky reader.Read the rest

American Girl pet carrier

This is my first annual birthday post, featuring something goofy from the world of pet travel

F9296_main_2Say what you will about American Girl dolls and products, but you have to admit that the company’s attention to detail is amazing. Case in point: Your Just Like You doll’s pet (choose among puppies Coconut, Sugar and Honey, or cat Ginger) can be carried in a pink and white pet carrier complete with mesh ventilation panels on the short ends (each with a privacy panel), an ID tag, a faux sheepskin pad, and a collapsible water bowl.… Read the rest