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Winner of the Sleepypod Air pet carrier giveaway

Thanks so much to everyone who entered Dog Jaunt’s and Will My Dog Hate Me‘s giveaway for a Sleepypod Air pet carrier, and thank you to Sleepypod for sponsoring it!

We asked entrants to send us pictures of their dog’s “favorite toy or blankie — the one that you’d tuck into your dog’s carrier as you set off on a trip, because you know he loves it best,” and we told them that pictures including both toy and dog would get extra love. The pictures we received range from adorable to astoundingly adorable, and choosing a winner was painfully difficult. See for yourself! I’ve copied the links to the bottom of this post so you can enjoy them (please note that the last half-dozen or so were entries that were made by e-mail, so I posted them myself — which is why they all have a “dogjaunt” URL).

In the end, we just had to choose Truffle (entry #7), whose mom pulled out all the stops and created a page featuring Truffle and her toy bunny:

Congratulations, Truffle! Please send me or Edie your mailing address and your choice of color (Orange Dream, right?), and we will have Sleepypod send you your carrier directly.

And there’s more good news! Sleepypod felt our pain — heck, they were brought to their knees by your pictures too — and are offering the other entrants a 10% discount when they buy a Sleepypod Air pet carrier. At Sleepypod’s order page for the Air carrier, insert the following in the “Coupon Code” slot: FTC10. The offer is good until June 30.

In fact, Sleepypod is offering the discount to all readers of Dog Jaunt and Will My Dog Hate Me? — which they totally wouldn’t have done if you guys hadn’t sent in such great pictures of your wonderful pets. So thank you for entering our contest, and thank you for making this opportunity available to your fellow pet-owners!


  • Rod@GoPetFriendly

    All good entries … I can see why the choice was hard. Cool that SleepyPod is offering a discount on the carrier – but much too small to hold either Ty or Buster.

    So when’s the next contest and what’s the prize?!

  • Hi, Rod! I have a couple of things up my sleeve, but I think I’ll let some time pass — the Air is a hard act to follow…. Feel free to let your readers know about the discount — Ty and Buster are too big, but you know you have small dogs in GPF’s pack!

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