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Photo Friday: Ralph the Bichon/Cavalier is ready for Paris

I pretty much twisted reader Anne’s arm to let me post this picture, but how could I not? Sure it’s blurry, but many (oh, many) of the pictures I post here are blurry. Anne wrote to me about her upcoming trip to Paris with Ralph, her 13 lb. Bichon/Cavalier mix — who’s clearly got his bags packed and is ready to go:

Anne drew my attention to his “beret and squeaky passport”

This photo knocked even my husband sideways. We decided that it was the squeaky passport that did him in (for me, it’s Ralph’s perfect air-host demeanor — he’s just so well turned-out!), so I looked on-line for squeaky passport toys, and found one on Amazon (as of today, though, they’re sold out, so here’s an alternative source). Here is it from the front, still in its plastic bag, because wouldn’t it be a fun thing to give away?

"It's a dog's world" indeed (sorry about the glare!)

“It’s a dog’s world” indeed (sorry about the glare!)

Thanks so much, Anne, for letting me post Ralph’s picture! I hope you guys have a wonderful time in Paris, and that you send us more pictures.


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