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Photo Friday: Ceri the Cavalier at Cannon Beach

Today’s photo was taken about a week ago by reader Yvette. Yvette and Ceri, her 10 month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, took a road trip to Cannon Beach, OR, and here’s part of her report:

We’re having a blast in Cannon Beach — it’s been interesting for me figuring out what to do with her when I want to go in a store and all that, but so many places here just have me bring her in with me.  And thankfully enough places have decks and the weather’s been gorgeous so I just eat outside (and my oh my if that wasn’t lucky yesterday when I stumbled on a fantastic burger and beer!). Plus, even though I’m not 100% confident in her recall (she’s smart, but like all Cavaliers a bit ditzy when there’s a seagull to chase), I decided to put her off-leash on the beach since there’s really nowhere for her to “escape” to – and that’s been super fun for both of us…I think I turned her into a fetch addict!!!

How -- how?? -- is it that Ceri's paws are still daintily white? Chloe is such a grub-ball compared to this lovely lady.

I’d love to see how you and your dog spent time together this week — please post your pictures on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, so we can all see them!

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