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Securing your pet’s carrier to the top of your wheeled suitcase: The Bag Bungee

When I reviewed the Sleepypod Air pet carrier, I mentioned that the width of its luggage strap (or slip over sleeve, or pass-through slot, or piggyback strap) was controlled by a pair of zippers that “sometimes shift, allowing the bag to swivel around on top of the supporting suitcase. Happily, Chloe is a dog with a sunny outlook on life, and doesn’t lose sleep over sudden swoops. I suggest looking back frequently as you roll along to make sure everything’s in place.” It’s a problem with most pet carriers, since luggage handles come in a range of sizes. Chloe’s preferred carrier (the large SturdiBag) doesn’t have a luggage strap at all, so we hook its handle over our carry-on’s handle, and keep an eye out for signs that it’s about to swing off its perch.

Since I’d like Chloe to regard her carrier as a place of comfort and safety, I was happy to find a solution to the problem in the Bag Bungee. Rolled up, it’s small enough to tuck into the end pocket of Chloe’s SturdiBag. Unrolled, it has a black nylon webbing strap on one end (on the right, in the picture below) that can be passed around the handle of your supporting suitcase and clipped in place. Stretch the Bag Bungee around your pet’s carrier (a central panel keeps the cords under control), and then pass the end panel (on the left, in the picture below) over the handle of your suitcase.

Photo by Travelon

I wish it were an inch or two longer, since it puts a bit of a waist in Chloe’s SturdiBag when it’s in position, but I can live with that (and, more to the point, so can Chloe). Knowing that Chloe is securely in position behind me, and that I needn’t keep a piece of my mind on how her carrier is handling my maneuvering, is a relief.

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