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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

My recent posts about our trip last week to Boulder and Denver prompted a blogging friend who lives outside Boulder, CO to add a couple of comments revealing how un-friendly to dogs Boulder really is. I had learned for myself that few Boulder hotels welcome dogs, but Deborah (who writes the great blog Boulder Dog) told me about inadequate local dog parks, and a bizarre no-dogs-allowed policy on Boulder’s famous Pearl Street pedestrian mall. I was in a receptive mood, therefore, when I saw this week’s first link, a Visalia Times-Delta article about how Santa Barbara, CA is truly a dog-friendly town.

This too, will make you smile — pictures from Livin’ La Vida Mia of Mia the Golden Retriever’s trips to a Lowe’s and a Home Depot in Charlotte, NC.

There were a lot of great dog travel links from abroad this week, so I’ll try to forget Boulder and think about pub-crawling instead. A couple of readers of Dugs n Pubs (“Dog Friendly Guide to Edinburgh and Beyond“) sent in their suggestions for three favorite Edinburgh pubs and a restaurant, all of which allow dogs to join their owners. Reporting from England, The Travel Belles wrote a fun post (with pictures) about taking Tilly the Bull Mastiff (“a beauty queen of titanic proportions”) to their local, the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Holcombe Village, near Manchester.

Heading even farther south, Linsay Evans posted an article on eHow about three dog-friendly hotels in Rome to check out. Nearby, Italy Heaven was charmed by the sight of a small dog seated alone in a gondola, moving grandly along a canal in Venice.

On the other side of the world, posted a list of eight hotels in Bangkok that welcome dogs. I’ve said in the past that I wouldn’t bring Chloe with me to Thailand (dear heaven! imagine fur in Bangkok!), but I might change my tune if I owned an Italian Greyhound, or a Chinese Crested.

I’ll leave you with two really delightful links — the first is a collection, from Doggie Stylish, of pick-up-after-your-dog signs from around the world, and the second is an article about eight mainland U.S. hotels and one St. Barths hotel that not only welcome pets but have pet concierges on staff.