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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s (and last week’s too!) best dog travel links

I have such a backlog of dog travel links for you (two weeks’ worth, plus a little!) that the only thing to do is tell you about them in the order they reached me — starting with the wonderful Maggie in Venice, mentioned in previous Chloe’s Clicks. The Imbodens have returned to Venice with Maggie, their Bearded Collie, and their recent posts include a view of their new home, a post about the logistics of flying with Maggie from New York, a not-to-be-missed short video about their trip (including — ah, Venice! — Maggie’s water taxi ride), and a visit to a favorite (and dog-friendly) bakery and pet store. If I were you, I’d just go ahead and follow the site. Whenever I read their posts, my fantasy of living in Paris part-time with Chloe seems achievable.

Speaking of traveling to Italy, here’s a great post, with lots of pictures, from To Dog with Love about Diane and Cosmo’s arrival in Rome. Since I’ve waited so long to write this post, I can also point you to two more posts Diane wrote from Rome — one about a walk with Cosmo in the Parco della Villa Borghese and another, with divine pictures, about eating out in Rome.

And here’s a third post about traveling to Italy, but this time from the U.K. Author Willemijn Lindeboom talks you through the steps to take going in both directions (don’t miss the comments, which provide additional information), and offers very useful advice about, among other things, avoiding poison set out by territorial truffle hunters. Her website,, “has a list of private villas where dogs are welcome and also a list with dog friendly holiday apartments.”

Since we’re talking about abroad, I’ll reshuffle a bit and point you to an article from The StarPhoenix about Pet Delicia, a new restaurant in Rio de Janeiro offering “all-natural” food for dogs — eat in, or take out. Another blogger, Unreleased Bitterness, posted pictures of the menu from Michi, a pet-friendly Japanese restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. In the Edinburgh area, check out The Wally Dug, a dog-friendly pub praised in Dugs ‘n’ Pubs.

Not to be outdone, Los Angeles now has an ice-cream truck for dogs, called Phydough. Check out these posts from Eater and from Drink Eat Travel for more details. Chloe wouldn’t need more details, once she learned that Duckfat was one of the ice cream flavors….

Here a link that will help you travel all over the world. Our friends at Kimpton Crawl tweeted about Boutique Homes, featuring architecturally-pleasing “contemporary vacation rentals from ocean front, city apartment to mountain cabin.” You can’t search up-front for dog-friendly rentals, but each property indicates whether dogs are welcome. It looks like a great resource, and I’m grateful to Kimpton Crawl for bringing it to my attention.

If abroad is a little too ambitious right now, take a look at Audrey’s Farmhouse B&B, in Walkill, NY (less than two hours north of NYC), praised in this post from the PawFun Blog, and consider staying at Barkwells, a collection of dog-friendly vacation cabins just south of Asheville, NC. I learned about them from a post on French Broad Rafting Expeditions, which offers white-water rafting on the French Broad River, just outside Asheville. The company’s expeditions are not dog-friendly, alas, but the rafters among you should certainly check out the owner’s pictures of a rafting trip he took with his dog Gunny.

The ohmidog! team wrote an excellent post about their experiences across the country with Motel 6 rooms (the chain, reasonably priced and reliably dog-friendly, is a favorite with travelers driving with a dog). Be warned, though, that the story includes that mugshot of Jared Loughner I can no longer bear to see.

Something I want to see a lot more of is Will My Dog Hate Me‘s new feature, Pet Travel (Book) Tuesday, launched by blogger Edie Jarolim to encourage herself to work on her new book. Edie is a marvelous writer (I’ve raved in an earlier post about her current book, Am I Boring My Dog?), and I’m looking forward to both her weekly “column” and her pet travel book. Also from Edie: A guest post from Fido Friendly‘s Carol Bryant about the magazine’s 2011 guide to dog-friendly cars (and an online link to the guide!).

The last two links I have for you are related: The Palm Beach Post News reported last week that Fort Worth, FL may soon allow “domesticated dogs in city parks and the Cultural Plaza downtown” (though not at the local beach), while on the other side of the country, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that a new federal proposal to require leashes in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and limit access by dogs to some environmentally-sensitive areas, has Bay Area dog-owners “barking mad.”