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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

This week’s Chloe’s Clicks is late (we were on a plane yesterday!) but packed with good stuff. Here goes:

Photo by Kevin Utting,

Why not lead off with the most controversial topic? Go Pet Friendly posted a two-part article this week summarizing and responding to a wealth of comments people wrote about dog-friendly restaurants (or, more accurately, restaurants that allow dogs to join their owners on patios and at outside seating). The comments, as always, ran the gamut from rabid to irrational (see Part 1); GPF‘s response, in Part 2, makes tons of sense and is definitely worth a look. (Dog Jaunt weighed in on this topic a few months ago, and my thoughts haven’t changed. I wish I had thought then of the fine point that GPF makes about choice: There’s no harm in allowing restaurants to offer dog-friendly dining if they choose to, because diners can vote with their feet. If dog-friendly dining is not for you, you have dozens of other places to go!)

Dog Jaunt applauds all efforts to allow restaurants the option of offering dog-friendly dining areas, so I’m happy to tell you about these two links. Ohmidog! reported this week that a bill currently before the Maryland General Assembly would move Frederick County, MD one step closer to allowing restaurants to welcome dogs in outdoor dining areas. The Knoxville, TN city council is a step ahead, and a post from Mountain Mutt Photography showcases The French Market’s dog-friendly patio (with lots of pictures of four-legged patrons as well as restaurant owner Allen Tate).

Across the pond, London’s Coopers Arms pub (in Chelsea) is dog-friendly, reports Context. Looking for other dog-friendly pubs in England, Scotland and Wales? Check out the Doggie Pubs and Winalot listings.

Carmel, CA is known as a dog-friendly town, but this post from the Contra Costa Times provides particularly good details and suggestions for a visit, along with heaps of photos of poodle-mix Misty and poodle Daisy. Other vacation options? And a Small Dog reports favorably about the only dog-friendly all-inclusive resort author Leila Coe has found: the Xpu-Ha Palace Resort, near Cancun, Mexico. Back in the States, Will My Dog Hate Me‘s Edie Jarolim posted Part 2 of her superb dog-friendly 36 Hours in Tucson, AZ, including a historic tour via the Presidio Trail and a steak & ribs restaurant.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s still ski season at many places in the U.S. One article I found lists several dog-friendly places to stay in Breckenridge, CO (I don’t love the article, since it looks like it’s really meant to send you to a travel agent’s site, but the basic info might be helpful). Another post, from Travelin’ Jack’s Dog Blog, provides photos and information about dog-friendly snowshoeing at Enchanted Forest, located near Red River, NM. Check out Enchanted Forest’s site for more info; dog-friendly cross-country skiing is also available!

Remember that a couple of weeks ago, Go Pet Friendly posted a proposed pet travel code of conduct? In a similar vein, Copywriter posted a list of tips for staying at pet-friendly vacation rentals — all sensible, and likely to make owners of vacation rental properties continue to welcome pets as guests.

Two last fun links to tell you about — the first,‘s list of the “best urban beaches around the world,” mentions in a throwaway line that Tel Aviv’s Hilton Beach is dog-friendly, and the second is another great post from Honey the Great Dane, talking about Honey’s search for an excellent off-leash dog park in Brisbane. Lots of photos, as always, as well as some sensible thoughts about the hazards of dog parks and inattentive owners.