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Paris resources for dog owners, including another English-speaking veterinarian

I just love Dog Jaunt’s readers. In the past week alone, you’ve told me about an outstanding dog-friendly beach near Rome, crawled around an Alaska plane measuring its under-seat spaces, and prompted me to check out a new in-cabin dog carrier. The latest wonderfulness? Jessica, an expat living in Paris with Birkin, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has sent me several helpful tips, and here they are.

Another English-speaking veterinarian

I’ve told you in the past about an English-speaking vet that I found through an on-line contact, located in the Hoche-Friedland neighborhood (8ème). Jessica’s vet is also located in the 8th arrondissement, and she recommends them highly. They have someone in the office 24/7. Two of the vets speak English, as do most of the assistants. Their English may not be perfectly fluent, but Jessica says she’s never had a problem communicating with them.

La Boetie Clinique Veterinaire
15, rue la Boetie
75008 Paris
T: (33)

A fun neighborhood, and a great café

“A great area for people-watching and lots of dog patrons is Rue Cler in the 7th near metro École Militaire. There are dozens of cafes with terraces and lots of pooches strolling along. My favorite cafe in all of Paris is here; it’s called Tribeca. Great food (good-sized portions and great prices). We’ve taken Birkin there and had no problems. Except I think our waiter was afraid of dogs. But he never gave us a hard time and most of the patrons were reaching their hands under our table to pet Birkin and tell us how ‘gentille’ she is. So I’m sure Chloe will be equally admired. :)”

36, rue Cler
75007 Paris
T: 01 45 55 12 01

Jessica confirmed that eating in the outdoor portion of a restaurant with a dog is usually no problem, “and it’s always good to ask if it’s ok to take her inside, but usually it’s no problem.” The falafel restaurants in the Marais might well decline to let your dog inside, given their concerns with keeping kosher, but — as Jessica points out — you can easily order your falafel at the take-out windows and park yourself and your pup elsewhere.

Grocery store etiquette

I asked Jessica if I could get away with bringing Chloe into grocery stores with me if she were in her carrier, over my shoulder. Nope, said Jessica, probably not — grocery stores are, apparently, quite strict about the no-dogs rule.

Places to walk your dog

“We’re lucky that we live next to the huge park the Bois de Bologne, and it is very dog friendly. Usually the dogs run around off-leash and are pretty well behaved. I will let Birkin off her leash, but usually take her away from the main path and stay close to her so she doesn’t try to make friends with people in the park (who are usually pretty grumpy about a dog being in their way, though some are very eager to meet her too).

As far as places I’ve taken her in the city, she’s been to the Tuileries (in the part reserved for dogs) and in the park between Place de la Concorde and the Champs Elysees. At the time, I didn’t realize that dogs weren’t allowed there, but no one said anything to me and I go by there often and have seen dogs playing fetch off the leash and no one saying anything. Playing the lost American tourist can certainly work to your advantage if you’re ever approached by someone, but for the most part it’s usually full of tourists and people tend to keep to themselves.”

Pet stores in Paris

“There are a lot of dog stores scattered throughout Paris, and most of them usually sell pets as well. Please note that most of the prices are way above what you would pay back in the US, so only buy if absolutely necessary (I ordered most of Birkin’s supplies from the US). BHV is the large department store located at Hotel de Ville. Behind the department store is the pet supply shop (also owned by BHV). They sell dog and cat accessories and some select brands of food.”

Jessica also told me about Chez le Chien, a pet boutique in the 7ème, which not only has lovely things but is also owned by an American lady, who’s “a great resource if you’re looking for groomers, dog-walkers, trainers, etc.”

BHV (La Niche)
42, rue de la Verrerie
75004 Paris
T: 01 42 74 94 31

Chez le Chien
10, rue Villebois-Mareuil
75017 Paris
T: o1 44 09 78 34