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Pepper in Paris: Paris dog resources, and the QM2 kennel

I missed the heyday of this blog, when Pepper the Schnauzer and his owner Nikki Moustaki were traveling to Europe on the Queen Mary 2 and visiting Hamburg, Amsterdam and, ultimately, Paris, but the old posts are still very fun to read. It’s also good to see pictures of the QM2 kennel, and hear about how Pepper was pampered by the kennel staff.

Nikki and Pepper also mention two really useful resources for people with pets in Paris. The first is a day care center for dogs, called CaniCrèche. The original space, on rue de Turbigo (in the 3ème arrondissement), was the first dog day care center in France when it opened in May 2005. It features a 70 sq. meter play area and areas for dogs to rest in, and can accommodate about 18 dogs at a time. A second space has just opened on rue Quinault, in the 15ème. CaniCrèche will even pick up your dog at your home and return her to you at the end of the day. The day care centers are open from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm. [Oh, the passage of time — when we visited Paris in October 2013, CaniCrèche had closed.]

The other resource is Paris’s dog bakery, Mon Bon Chien, also in the 15ème and just around the corner from the new CaniCrèche. It too has a “first” to boast about, since it was the first gourmet dog bakery in Europe when it opened. [8/25/10 I just learned from a reader that this bakery closed in January 2010. Alas!]

32 rue de Turbigo
75003 Paris
T: o1-42-71-59-09

9 rue Quinault
75015 Paris
T: 01-43-06-64-34

Mon Bon Chien
12 rue Mademoiselle
75015 Paris
T: 01-48-28-40-12
Open Tues. to Sat. 11 am to 7 pm

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