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English-speaking veterinarian in Paris

It’s not particularly surprising that France’s Ordre des Vétérinaires doesn’t allow sites like AngloInfo to publish lists of English-speaking vets. It’s France, after all, and they do things their own way. The Ordre does have a searchable database of French veterinarians, and that’s useful (click on “Trouvez un vétérinaire”), but its search engine does not give you a way to identify English-speaking vets.

Happily, I have one name to give you. A thread on AngloInfo lead me to someone in Paris who has an English-speaking vet to recommend, and he gets good reviews on Justacoté and Qype. His name is Pierre Métivet, and his office is on rue Monceau, in the Hoche-Friedland neighborhood (8ème). [3/15/12 I’m no longer completely confident about the telephone number I’ve provided. If you do a Google search for Dr. Métivet, you’ll see other phone numbers for him — if you do get hold of his office, would you let me know what the current telephone number is?]

Dr. Pierre Métivet
3 rue Monceau
75008 Paris
T: 01 45 63 41 39


  • Erika SS

    Thank you for the information on Dr. Metivet – he is great and highly recommend anyone to use him if you speak English while in France and needing vet assistance. We used him to do the Health Cert to get our dogs back to the US.

  • Thanks so much for the feedback, Erika!! The more I hear about Dr. Metivet, the happier I am that I posted info about him.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the info! Now what I really need to know is about the $$$ is it pretty much like in the States. 50 bucks to walk in the door….100 for all the tests he NEEDS and then we get to the actual problem …..

  • Hi, Michelle — I just don’t know how French veterinarian charges compare to American visits. Perhaps someone who takes their dog to Dr. Metivet will read this and post a comment with that info — fingers crossed!

  • RMH

    This probably no longer helps Michelle, but hopefully for others…
    I don’t really remember what prices were in the US (and I lived in costly LA), however I believe they’re cheaper in France! And many will avoid doing tests that are costly if they think they know what the problem is (plus/down-sides to that approach). A full check-up with all vaccinations, and talking/advising on other issues, just cost me 65 euro (today). I went to Dr Métivet upon a recommendation (I’ve seen 3 other vets before him over the past 3+ years) and I really liked that he took his time with me and my baby; I will be going back to him again.

  • Niki from London

    We have used Dr Metivet several times for our dog’s health check, worming treatment and passport certification before returning from France to the UK and he has always been very charming, helpful and professional. He speaks perfect English, but you will have to speak basic French to arrange the appointment with his receptionist. I would highly recommend him.

  • David

    No doubt that it is cheaper in Paris. I went to the biggest french hospital for my dog for a stifle problem and it did cost much less than in Texas for my cousin’s dog (>1000$ less). BTW, Fregis is also a place where many vets speak very good english. But they are all specialized (we are going to our local vet for vaccine, etc.). Many of them did work in the US for few years, as the one who did the surgery on Chance.

  • Thanks so much for the info, David! I’ll just add a link for Frégis, in case people want to take their pet there: It’s just south of the Montparnasse neighborhood, and accessible by RER train B and by bus (lines 187, 188, 197, and 297) — and of course by car/taxi.

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