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Chloe’s Closet: Down-filled dog jacket

It’s still fall, but winter is coming. I’ve just weeded through Chloe’s modest wardrobe, and discovered that her current harness won’t work with her fabulous new Wagwear quilted, “sheepskin”-lined jacket. Argh! I was counting on that jacket, since it’s perfect for Seattle winter weather. A dog with a thinner or shorter coat, however, might want something warmer, and even Chloe, in a New York City winter storm last year, could have upgraded. During that storm I saw a couple of Cocker Spaniels wearing down jackets, and I recently found one that I like.

Joy Pet Products sells a dog coat that’s made of real goose down. It’s reversible (one side is flannel, and the other is a water-resistant nylon) and, reportedly, washable/dryable. The XS, S and M sizes have a slit on the back for a regular harness, but the jacket sits low enough below the neck that Chloe’s front-fastening Gentle Leader harness will also work. It’s a nice-looking, well-made product with sensible Velcro fastenings. An alternative is nylon on both sides and comes with a removable poly-fill hood — super cute, I have to admit, but Chloe is annoyed by hoods.

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  • Patti Wilson from Joy Pet Products gave me some more info about their down jackets in an e-mail, which I’m copying for you: “Thanks so much for letting me know about your blog. The Original Goose Down Filled Doggie Coat is actually nylon on one side and fleece on the other side. The new style Goose Down Filled Doggie Coat with the removable hood is nylon on both and please tell Chloe the hood isn’t just for wearing up over the head (although some dogs are fine with this) it’s more for giving that extra back of head and neck warmth on really cold days. We show it positioned like that in our ‘play bow’ photo and the poly fill makes it easy to stay as you position it. Both styles are reversible as you noted water resistant and they really are washable and dryable. Specific washing instructions are printed in full detail on every tag and on our packing slips.”

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