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Quick giveaway: Chillybuddy Winter Jacket (size Small, blaze orange)

Back in July 2012, I gave away a brand-new Chillybuddy cooling jacket — it was great, but the size Small swam on Chloe. It went in a heartbeat to reader Emily and her pup. At the same time that I ordered the too-big cooling jacket, I also ordered what turned out to be a too-big Chillybuddy winter jacket. I’m a thorough gal.

Why is this picture so blurry? Why???

Like its summer colleague, this winter jacket is about 19″ long from nape of neck to base of tail. As you can see, it’s bright orange and sewn with strips of reflective tape, so it’s a high visibility coat for dim winter days. It’s also smartly designed — there are cinches to adjust the neck fit, and the jacket fastens with a long Velcro strip along the back, so all you have to do is open the jacket out, lay it on the ground, position your pup over the front leg holes, and then lift it onto your pup. It’s waterproof, nicely padded, and I like how it includes a chest panel, keeping half of your pup’s undercarriage warm.

Like I say, though, the size Small is meant for a really big small dog, like, say, a Sheltie. I shook my head and bought another one, Extra-Small this time, for Chloe — and I’m giving this one away. I will send it to the first person who posts a comment with a picture of their smallish big dog and a report of the temperature where they are. U.S. only, alas. Quick, go!!!


  • Well, that’s a point, Molly — I think you can, but you have to do a ninja thing like upload it to Flickr, and then provide the Flickr link. Let’s just skip that part (I never thought I’d find myself thinking wistfully of Facebook) and say you win!!! Please e-mail me your mailing address and I’ll get the jacket out to you! (What kind of pup do you have?)

  • Wenelita! You were a ninja and posted a photo! i so admire you, but we already have a winner, in a reply I posted four minutes before your post. If it took you longer than four minutes to get your photo into a place where you could include it in your comment, let me know by e-mail — if so, the right thing to do is probably for me to buy a second coat and send it to your excellent pup.

  • Wenelita

    It did, but I could never do that when you’re nice enough to have these giveaways. Showing off the happy Sammy face is enough! 😉

  • zadig

    the coat is from “BHV La Niche” in Paris (coat “Palermo” from designer Franca Novello )
    we bought it for our next hollidays in French mountain (Jura)
    Now Zadig looks like Santa Claus dog !

    have a great day


  • EcoDog

    Ah, too bad I missed trying to get the jacket. It would have been so great for my Daisy (scottie/westie).

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