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Chloe’s Closet: A fab warm-weather rain jacket

Chloe in the Red Skull raincoat

Back in November I described Chloe’s wardrobe, in case you wanted to know what jackets I’d found useful for her. She’s not a particularly fragile flower, but rain jackets are a big help in Seattle, and she also has a couple of coats for really cold weather. In that post, I mentioned that I was still looking for a rain jacket that Chloe could wear in warm weather, and I recently found one that I like.

Fab Dog’s Fold Up Raincoat is hooded and very lightweight — so lightweight, in fact, that it can be folded into its own pocket (which flips inside-out in a clever way and leaves you with a tidy 5″x 6″ zipped packet to tuck into your purse or backpack). It’s a well-made jacket, with some nice details, like a small flap that covers the hole they’ve left for those of you using a harness that fastens at the top of your dog’s neck. A couple of very serious Velcro strips secure it solidly at the neck and around the belly. I was happy to find that Chloe’s Easy Walk harness (which fastens below her chin) works well with this jacket.

Subway Map Print raincoat

It comes in a variety of cheerful colors, as well as navy and black (I bought it in red, but now wish I’d bought the orange, or maybe the hot pink). It also comes in the completely irresistible Subway Map Print — so irresistible that I’ve just ordered one…. Make sure to call and talk to someone at Fab Dog about the size you need. The red jacket that fits Chloe so well is a size 16, but I’ve also seen jackets marked XS, S, etc., so I think they’ve just changed sizing systems.


  • Awww, thanks! I really shouldn’t regret the orange or the hot pink, since they’d both probably clash like crazy with her fur….

  • Diane Camacho

    Fab Dog has the most amazing line of dog accessories and toys. I always get compliments when I walk my pooches in there fab dog harness and matching leashs. I love that rain coat.

  • Isn’t it great?! It’s bucketing down in Seattle right now, so Chloe’s about to go out in it again. Still waiting for the subway print version!

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