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Chloe’s Closet: Dog rain jacket that works with an Easy Walk harness

It’s bucketing down rain here in Seattle, so I have water-repellant dog jackets on my mind (Chloe’s a pretty sturdy little dog, but a jacket helps her stay out longer). The trick is to find a jacket that works with Chloe’s Easy Walk harness, which sounded gimmicky when I bought it but turns out to do a good job of keeping her from pulling. It fastens in front, low under her regular collar, and a lot of jackets (and pretty much all sweaters) won’t work with it. Here’s a good-quality one that will: The TeckelKlub Slicker (Chloe’s is olive green) has a waterproof exterior, a fleece-like lining, and sensible Velcro fasteners at neck and belly. Apparently the exterior is also breathable, which is a fine thing. It looks great, Chloe moves comfortably in it, and it’s structured so the harness falls well below the neck fastener.


  • Sherry Musgrove

    I LOVE this blog. I’m about to pick up my new Cocker Spaniel puppy and a fellow Cocker forum member referred me to this site because we will be flying her home with us (in-cabin of course).

    Your tips and suggestions have been invaluable and I’m ordering a lot of new “accessories” based on your recommendations (the Scottevest, a large SturdiBag pet carrier, Dry Fur pet carrier inserts, Travelon Bag Bungee, Fold-N-Go collapsible bowl, a Gulpy Jr, and D.A.P. wipes to name just a few). I’m also planning to add an Easy Walk harness to the list but am wondering if the petite/small size will work for a 10-12 week American Cocker, or whether the small/medium would be better. I suspect she will weigh about 8-10 lbs when we pick her up. I think you said Chloe weighs about 13 lb. What size harness does she wear?

    Thanks again for the great blog!

  • Thanks so much for the praise and enthusiasm, Sherry! Your comment made my day. Chloe wears a size Small harness, and I suspect your pup will too, at least for a short while. Please let us know how the trip goes, and please send a pic! A Cocker puppy redefines enchanting….

  • Sherry Musgrove

    Thanks, I’ll try the small. Got my SturdiBag and LOVE it. We’ll soon see what the pup thinks. We will be flying Southwest. Will send pics when I get some. Thanks again.

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