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In-cabin airplane carriers and other pet carriers

I’ve started another blog called Pet Carrier Reviews, and the name says it all: It’s a collection of my reviews of pet carriers and crates and accessories I’ve bought and/or encountered. It’s hard to find unbiased reviews of pet carriers — a lot of what you find is just the manufacturer’s praise of its own product.

I could post the reviews here on Dog Jaunt, but why waste your time with carriers that are badly-made or -designed, or are meant for bigger pets than small dogs? Instead, I’ll do a round-up every so often of good carriers for small dogs, particularly including good in-cabin airplane carriers, and post that on Dog Jaunt.

In the meantime, please check out All of the carriers I’ve talked about on Dog Jaunt are now there, with more information, and I’m starting to add new ones. If you want to find in-cabin airplane carriers, for example, go to the sidebar and click on “Airplane carrier (in-cabin).”

I hope you’ll find my reviews helpful when you’re making choices about pet carriers!

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