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Taking your big dog on New York City’s subway: Options for big carriers

I’ve singled out NYC in the title of this post because I hear about this issue in connection with that city’s subway — and here’s why: The rules for bringing a pet onto the New York City subway say only that your pet must be “enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.” They do not include the words “small” or “lap.”

New Yorkers have noticed both of those things, and they search for  … Read more

An alternative canvas pet tote, from Land’s End

Photo by Lands' End

Alternative to what, you ask? We have a canvas tote from Wagwear that I reviewed in August 2009. It’s still available, it’s still an admirable product, and it now comes in a third size (XL, measuring 15Hx17Lx8W). It’s still pricey, too, so I was happy to see a canvas pet tote on the Lands’ End site yesterday.

The Canvas Tote Pet Carrier comes in a limited set of colors — off-white canvas with either red or navy trim  … Read more

Product review: Land’s End car seat cover

One of the items on Dog Jaunt’s travel packing list is a towel to put between your dog and a car seat, whether it’s a rental car or a car you’re borrowing from the folks you’re visiting. In real life, I’ve been using a Zentek crate pad instead of a towel, because I’m impressed by the magic material Zentek uses and because it packs compactly. Just before this holiday season’s car trips, though, I bought the Reversible Dog Travel Blanket  … Read more