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An alternative canvas pet tote, from Land’s End

Photo by Lands' End

Alternative to what, you ask? We have a canvas tote from Wagwear that I reviewed in August 2009. It’s still available, it’s still an admirable product, and it now comes in a third size (XL, measuring 15Hx17Lx8W). It’s still pricey, too, so I was happy to see a canvas pet tote on the Lands’ End site yesterday.

The Canvas Tote Pet Carrier comes in a limited set of colors — off-white canvas with either red or navy trim — and only one size. It measures 12.5Hx16.5Lx8W, so it’s comparable in size to the large Wagwear tote we already own. That fits Chloe well, so I expect that the Land’s End tote would also fit a pup in the 13-15 lb. range. Like the Wagwear tote, it has a zippered top, a cut-out for your dog’s head, a small side pocket, and an internal tether to clip onto your dog’s harness. It has the advantage, however, of having a fleece pad in the bottom, attached with Velcro and removable for washing. And the price is good: $50 (though this tote too can only be spot-cleaned, like the Wagwear tote and the other Lands’ End totes).

I haven’t seen or held the Lands’ End pet tote, so take this post with a grain of salt. I do own several of the company’s other canvas totes, and they’re splendid. It’s a little goofy that a pet carrier can only be spot cleaned, but the fleece insert can certainly be washed, and in my experience, the Lands’ End totes resist dirt — and respond to spot cleaning — pretty well.

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  • Billy

    Hi Mary-Alice,

    Like you, I own the large Wagwear tote, which is a godsend for running errands while out for a walk with my Cavalier in Manhattan. By now we have it down to a science: when we reach someplace I need to run into, I drop the bag from my shoulder, Tabatha hops in, I zip it up, and off we go. In fact, when preparing to leave the apartment, if she sees me reach for the tote along with her leash she gets extra excited, since errand walks tend to be longer and more interesting than regular ones.

    Anyway, I thought you might like to know that my tote (purchased in January 2012) has a little tag inside that says “Machine Wash Cold. Hang Dry,” and it has gone through several such procedures with no apparent ill effects.

    By the way, I discovered Wagwear from reading your blog, and then realized to my delight that I work within walking distance of their lovely little shop. So thanks for the info!

  • Oh, HO!! Thanks so much, Billy — for the kind words, but especially for the washing instructions!! I love that tote, and I’ve been cherishing it, to eke out its life. It’ll see a lot more action now.

  • Jen

    I recently ordered the Land’s End tote for Molly. I couldn’t resist having her name embroidered on it. It is very large for her (she’s only 5 pounds). I love the look of it and Molly likes riding with her head out. She is so small that all of her weight is in the very end of the bag in order for her to stick her head out. It didn’t take long for me to train her to jump in (she can jump in the opening with the bag all the way zipped). The good news for me is that there’s lots of room for me to put a wallet, etc. inside the bag with her so I don’t need an additional purse when I use it. I wouldn’t mind a slightly smaller version for Molly. I have also used it to contain dog gear on a car trip – giving me another carrier option on the trip. On one occasion I ended up using it as a beach bag when I realized I hadn’t brought anything else to serve that purpose. I should also note that I was able to get it on sale (30% off).

  • Jen

    Hello. I love your website!
    I am eager for you to try the Lands End Tote!! I recently purchased it for my 13 lb Cavalier. It is on sale for 24.99. I like the style of the bag but I wonder how you would compare it to the Wagwear? With the Lands End Tote, there would be no way to set your pup down for even a moment because the sides are not firm. It would flop to one side. So I am wondering if the Wagwear Tote has a stiffer construction that would allow me to set him on the floor for a few moments when my hands are full or I am checking out at a store?
    Another note: The Lands End Zipper does not have a backing so it would be easy to catch the dog’s hair or skin in the zipper if you are not paying attention.

  • Hi, Jen! Thanks so much for the report — I haven’t bought the Land’s End tote because our Wagwear one is still working fine. Very interesting, and disappointing, that the sides flop. The Land’s End totes are, generally, a little less stiff than the L.L. Bean ones, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The Wagwear tote is indeed made of stiffer canvas (I think the stiffness, in all these products, comes from sizing, because when you wash even an L.L. Bean tote in the washer, it goes floppy — spot-clean only!). The backing for the zipper on the Wagwear product is another big plus, you’re right. That price for the Land’s End tote is terrific, but maybe the extra $$$ will buy you less vexation. One option would be to buy the L.E. tote and keep it in the car for infrequent, “emergency” use.

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