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Travel book review: Doggy on Deck — Life at Sea with a Salty Dog

The second subtitle of this great book by Jessica Stone says it all: “Absolutely Everything You Need to Know Before Cruising with Fido.” I can’t rave enough about Doggy on Deck — it’s well-written, it’s thorough, it provides resources for all the products discussed in the text. I’m racking my brains for something to criticize (you know, to show that I have a balanced perspective) but there’s just nothing wrong with this book.

For those of you eager to read more of Stone’s writing, I have good news and bad news. Stone reportedly also writes a bi-monthly column called “Cruising with Critters” for Nor’westing Magazine and its Canadian sibling Boat Journal, but I can’t find any copies of those articles on line. In fact, the only web presence for either periodical is a classifieds site. If you want to subscribe, it looks like you’ll have to find a copy of the magazine itself (but where? my local West Marine and Barnes & Noble stores both came up blank) and take it from there.

Amazon link:
Doggy on Deck: Life at Sea with a Salty Dog – Absolutely Everything You Need to Know Before Cruising with Fido (2nd edition)

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