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Travel book review: Globetrotting Pets — An International Travel Guide

Published in 2003, this book is very useful but it’s starting to show its age. Be sure to double check the entry requirements for the countries you’re traveling to, and don’t be surprised if you need to get updated contact information. That said, I’m very glad to own Globetrotting Pets — the author gives you a good understanding of the kinds of documents needed and how to get hold of them, and generally reduces the task of preparing for international travel with your dog (and other pets) to manageable steps.

The first fifty pages give you an overview of the process, list useful resources, and offer suggestions about crates and carriers, pet identification, and preparing your pet for travel. The bulk of the book is a country-by-country list of pet import requirements, followed by tourist office and embassy contact information.

The entries aren’t perfect — the entry for Mexico, for example, states that a vaccination certificate is required, but does not mention that your dog’s rabies vaccination has to have been administered within the year preceding your entry into Mexico (even if your vaccine has a longer coverage). They do, however, give you an idea of the basic requirements for a particular country, and tell you where to go to get current details.

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Globetrotting Pets: An International Travel Guide

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