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Brinkmann Smart Space pet carrier giveaway winner

Nineteen of you entered to win the new, smaller Brinkmann Smart Space pet carrier, and I appreciate the entries even more than usual because your comments are helping me rethink how the blog is working, and how it could be improved. Thank you so much, and thank you, Heike, for the laugh (“My pup’s name is Tessa and although she strictly forbade me to give her weight in public, she did allow me to mention she is just under 9 inches at her shoulder”)!

Smart Space pet carrier (photo by Brinkmann Pet)

The randomly-chosen winner is Anne, entrant #18, who says her pup Jazz-Min “is 9 inches at the shoulder and she is now a seasoned traveler, having been to France and Canada 2 times already in the last 3 years!” Congratulations, Anne and Jazz-Min — I love hearing that you guys are traveling so much together, and it makes me happy to think of Jazz-Min stretching out in this carrier on her next international adventure. Please e-mail your shipping address to me at [email protected], and I’ll get the package into UPS’s hands.

Thank you again to everyone who entered! Some of you talked about the Dog Jaunt community, and being a part of it is what I’ve enjoyed most about writing the blog (well, that and the chance to indulge my OCD). Happy anniversary to us all!


  • Anne Benraiss

    Dear Mary-Alice,

    Jazz-Min and I are so happy to have won the Smart Space carrier! She really needed a new carrier since we are going to Morocco this summer and she half-destroyed her old one during our last trip to France (I must admit that it wasn’t the best-quality carrier, especially the mesh part of it. Jazz-Min is usually a very graceful traveler, but I guess she got a little bored on that trip…)!

    Thank you very much for the carrier and for all the very useful tips and reviews that I always find in Dog Jaunt!

    And thank you, Carol and Laurel, for your kind messages.

  • Anne Benraiss

    The carrier came today. Jazz-Min already likes it a lot… Our cat is a little jealous! Thank you!

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