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Dog Jaunt’s 4th anniversary, and a birthday gift-away (Smart Space pet carrier)

Photo by Till Westermeyer

Four years ago, in the very first post I wrote for Dog Jaunt, I said that “I first started gathering all this information for my own use, but soon realized that there must be other pet owners out there who have the same questions I did. I hope that Dog Jaunt will answer your questions and motivate you to bring your dog with you on your next trip — whether it’s on a picnic in the neighborhood park, or across the country!”

Writing that paragraph today, I’d change the last phrase to “or around the globe!” In fact, I’d rewrite the whole sentence: I’ve learned over the past four years that Dog Jaunt is not a place where I “answer your questions and motivate you” — the answers and motivation flow in both directions, and I love the community effort the blog has become. Thank you all for your company and support!

Since we’re celebrating a birthday, I thought I’d give away a gift. Remember how there was some confusion over the Brinkmann Smart Space pet carrier — still being made? in a new, smaller size? — and I bought one to figure out what was going on? And remember how the new version is smaller, and a very useful carrier indeed for a pet, say, under 10 lbs?

Well, Chloe’s larger than that. So I’m giving away my brand-new Smart Space carrier (value: $69.99), and all you have to do to have a chance to win it is leave a comment letting me know what works for you on the blog and/or on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, and/or what you’d like to see added or changed, before 11:59 PM PST on Friday, April 19, 2013. Please also let me know your pup’s name, and how tall s/he is at the shoulder (I like hearing about your pup, plus it’ll help remind you that this really is a carrier for dogs 10″ high at the shoulder and smaller). Please fill in the e-mail field of the comment form (your e-mail address isn’t shared with anyone, and I will not send you e-mail unless you win).

Announcing the winner

I will choose a winner randomly and announce the results here, on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, and in Dog Jaunt’s Twitter feed on Monday, April 22, 2013.


Please, only one comment per person per giveaway post. Duplicate comments and anonymous comments will be discarded. Please make sure that the e-mail address in your comment form is valid (e-mail addresses are never public). Winners must claim their prize within three business days after the date of notification of such prize. A sweepstakes winner’s failure to respond to the prize notification and provide a shipping address within the specified three business days will be considered such sweepstakes winner’s forfeiture of the prize and an alternate winner may be selected from the pool of eligible entries. If an entrant is found to be ineligible, an alternate winner may also be selected from the pool of eligible entries. To enter, you must be a U.S. resident, age 18 or older. Employees, partners and vendors of Dog Jaunt and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter. Entries that appear to be generated by scripts and other automated technology will be disqualified. When applicable, the winner may be required to execute and return within five business days an Affidavit of Eligibility and a Liability and Publicity Release to be eligible for the prize or an alternate winner will be selected. All prizes will be awarded. No substitutions including for cash are permitted, except that Dog Jaunt reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater monetary value for any prize. Winners shall be responsible and liable for all federal, state and local taxes on the value of their prize.

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  • Montecristo Travels (Sonja)

    Dear Dog Jaunt,

    You are the benchmark. When we started our own blog 2 years ago. You were the inspiration.

    As you know, you are our own “go to place” (both this blog and FB) when we have a problem to solve. It is a community! I like everything you do and would say that the only thing I would recommend you add are perhaps more photos or video. We are a bunch of visual people. And photo essays are always our favorite. When a place is being reviewed it really helps to have more than one angle covered in your pictures. Honestly … that would really be our only recommendation. That and perhaps a more focused posting time line. It would be nice to know when to expect your next post! We miss Chloe’s pics!

    Montecristo, as you know has the sleepypod mini. Turns out – some airlines will not allow for a round carrier. So here we are – needing another in a traditional rectangular shape. Montecristo is 8” at the shoulder and 12” long. So this will be palatial for him! Since we are saving every single penny for our sailing around the Med trip in 2015 …. Winning this would put the money we would normally have spent on the carrier into that account instead.

    Your loyal followers …
    The Montecristo Travels Team

  • Victoria Haneman

    My dog is 6″ at the shoulder.

    I really really enjoy the posts giving specific travel advice…. Things that I would not think of myself (such that I read your post and think, “I would not have thought of that!”).

    I have no advice on anything that you should change….


  • Heike Giedke

    Happy Birthday Dog Jaunt!! =D
    Thank you for all the work you have put into compiling all this information!
    Thank you for being a life saver when traveling, a calmer of airport storms, a saver of my sanity in all things doggy travel and airline rules and regulations!
    Not to mention all the wonderful dog friendly restaurants, sights and places to stay you have compiled for everyone to share.
    Don’t know what I’d do without you!! <3 you guys!
    Looking forward to the next 4 years and the adventures and stories Cloe and you guys will share with us!

  • Heike Giedke

    Hmm … Tessa just gave me that look again, saying I forgot something 🙂 So here I go.
    My pup’s name is Tessa and although she strictly forbade me to give her weight in public, she did allow me to mention she is just under 9 inches at her shoulder. 🙂

  • Janina

    One of the most helpful things on this site has been the list of the potty spots in airports. I’ve used it several times and it would be great to expand that section even more.

    I would love to see some more international guest blog posts for countries that are more difficult to get into with your dog. Keep up the good work!!

    Buffy is 9″ at the shoulder.

  • Carol Lehman

    Happy Birthday Dog Jaunt!
    I am new to the blog and a novice doggie traveler. Our first flight will be on May 16th, from SFO to NYC, and I have found a wealth of helpful information on your blog. It has soothed my nerves and helped me find answers to many, many questions that I have had about traveling with my little Abby. We have a number of trips planned for this year. I am grateful for all the info and advice about airline carriers. I was also thrilled to find the information on public transit systems. Thank you! Abby is 8 inches at the shoulders and the cutest, sweetest little rescue mixed breed girl you could ever imagine.

  • Carolyn Karr

    Just wishing Dog Jaunt and most Happy 4th Birthday!!

    I am the proud momma of my toy poodle, Matty. In June, we will be flying from Seattle to Atlanta to visit my family. Being this will be my very first experience flying with an animal, if it wasn’t for finding this wonderful and very knowledgeable site, I would be absolutely lost not knowing what the guidelines were on flying with a dog. Oh, by the way, Matty is 9″ tall.

    A special thank you is going out to Mary-Alice for creating this site not only for herself, but for all of us fur baby lovers!!


    ps..Don’t change anything about the site, it’s perfect just the way it is.

  • Gery O.

    This is the ONLY blog I read on a regular basis, and am always looking forward to the next post. You have done a great job creating an on-line community, making me feel that Alfie and I are not alone in battling airlines, airports, and the ever-stressful TSC…

    Happy happy birthday Dog Jaunt. You are doing a great job, don’t change a thing..

    Alfie stands about 8 inches tall at the shoulders. I’d measure, but sadly, I’m again away from home on a business trip.

  • bobbie

    I would not change anything on your site. It is updated and useful in an “unbusy” way…it is easy to follow. I do like the updates, especially where the potty places are in airports.

  • Kim M.

    Happy birthday!!! Nixie my adorable 3 yr old havanese (aka my cuban refugee) sends Chloe best wishes. Your recommendations for travel gear and lodgings are invaluable. You our are first stop when compiling our travel adventures. The picture of carriers under airplane seats and airline information are so helpful. I truly appreciate your efforts of testing and trying and have found all your recommendations spot on. Keep up the wonderful work!

  • Pasting in a comment from reader Linda Aurora Sanchez that got left over on the FB page instead:

    “I just read ur email about the give away is this where u said to put a comment. Just double checking. I haven’t used ur web page long but it sure did help me with what to do if I wanted to fly with a pet. My mom always comes in the summer to spend time with my kids but this time she has a small dog to bring along and I had no clue in what to do so I started searching and I found ur page thank u for putting the information out there for us to see. I hope my name wins I have 3 bichons and 3 bigger dogs a pitti mix named winter who I’m fostering that got saved from euthanasia just minutes from being killed. I have lyza another foster that got saved and she’s just the most lovable dog and Mandy foster also she’s a coonhound that just loves attention and gives lots of kisses. I have 1 bichon named dolly that I’m fostering she’s a senior dog living her last years as best as possible she is blind in one eye partially in the other and poor baby has had two surgeries from skin cancer but she doesn’t let that stop her she is just the most pampering dog I know she just wants u to pet her and hug her all day. Then I have my own 2 bichons Bella n nunu which at first were not to happy with the change but now they all just play together n protect each other no matter what size they are.i love all my dogs the same they have all brought me so much joy and fostering has just opened such a big part of my world that I didn’t even know existed I’m just loving the experiencing in helping these poor dogs left to die.”

  • Amanda

    Congratulations, Dog Jaunt, and THANK YOU! We adopted a small dog specifically so we could travel in-cabin with him, but we knew nothing about how to actually do that. Thankfully, we discovered this blog. We’ve now flown successfully with Wrigley on a number of occasions, and our trips have been made much, much easier because of information learned from you and the community you have created. Can’t wait to see what the next four years bring!

  • Sarah Varner

    Happy Birthday Dog Jaunt! I am a new mom to a precious little Shih-Poo named Blake. Having only had larger dogs, a whole new world of dog travel opened up for me upon adopting Blake. I had no idea where to begin when planning to travel with him until a family friend told me about Dog Jaunt. Your first-hand experiences of traveling with Chloe help to make traveling with Blake less daunting. I would not have thought to plan places for him to go to the bathroom in advance until it was too late, but knowing that the airports I fly in and out of the most are all pet friendly brings me peace of mind. Thank you for showing me the ropes on how to travel with Blake! This website is wonderful and I can’t honestly think of anything that needs to be changed. Blake is 6″ at the shoulders.

  • Michael Porat

    Dear Dog Jaunt,
    First of all, Happy Birthday!!!! Secondly, thank you so much for your wonderful website. My girlfriend and I recently adopted a Shih Poo puppy named Blake. I have never had a dog before and she has only had larger dogs, so neither of us knew quite where to begin when planning to travel with him. Your website has provided us with such valuable information and peace of mind knowing that whether it is plane, train, boat, or car we have your advice and expertise to help us along the way. Blake is 6″ at the shoulders and would love to have a carrier so he can join us on our next excursion. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and experiences with everyone!


  • Wyner Chiu


    The valuable information on how and what is essential for traveling with my pups is much appreciated. Also, being NYC, knowing what carrier to use is important when going into the subway. Trust me, this information helped me a lot and now I plan trips with my doggies and know where to go for information. Glad I found this site.

    My dog is 14″ tall and is named Lemon.


  • Amy

    Just found your site! So much useful information here. We have 4 dachshunds; Squirt is 15 (deaf w/vision issues), Nelson is 13 (blind from PRA), Digger and Daffy are both 9. There’s a history of IVDD with the boys as well. I’m thankful there’s information here about day trips as well as restaurants, places to rent, etc. I’ve also been searching and searching for a good “bag” (for lack of a better word) to carry Squirt in since he’s my “velco dog” and I know when he loses his vision completely I’ll need to keep him with me 24/7. When he lost his hearing he started barking at me…and here I thought it was that he didn’t like the young fosters in the house, took me a bit to figure out his hearing was going, it’s hard b/c they “feed off” the other dog’s in the house. Love the reviews b/c I need something to support his back and want something that will last…hate buying stuff that doesn’t last!!

    My smallest two, Squirt and Daffy are 8″ at their shoulders. Can’t wait to “dig into” your blog more. Looks like it’s going to take a while!!

  • I have such a soft spot for Dachshunds, Amy — I still remember my Lady with love and regret. When you say back support, do you mean that a sling carrier would be a poor idea? I suspect your Squirt would appreciate the contact of a sling like this, but it is unstructured: A better choice might be the Fundle sling I reviewed a while back. Now then, you’re certainly entered for this giveaway, but the fact is, this is not a great-quality carrier. It has some excellent features, but it’s a little cheesey/rickety. Not a lot — I’m glad to own the larger version — but a little. Given that you have long, low pups, you should take a good look at the Sleepypod Air, which is a VERY good quality product. Anyway, read on, and let me know if you have questions. Rubs on their satiny heads to your pups.

  • Amy

    Hi Mary-Alice!
    I’m not saying it would be a poor idea, I just think some choices are better than others given the individual dogs needs. Some of the bags/slings/carriers, etc carry them on your chest with their legs hanging down like people carry kids…there are all kinds! That’s why I said he needed back support…Squirt’s always been a very fragile boy so I don’t want him all scrunched up and I have a tendency to be a research nut…
    Yes, I know he would like the close contact of a pouch like the link you provided, but I also (as you’re going to see I over think a lot), worry about him getting out. I have this picture of my being able to keep him with me while doing all sorts of things in the house. Yes, I know I may really have to rethink what I’m looking for and possibly get multiple bags/sacs/carriers, etc.
    I’ve heard much on the SleepyPod, will look into it.
    Would love to hear about Lady!

  • Ice Pony Girl

    We LOVE your product reviews. Thank you for all the great info and knowledge you’ve shared with us. Your carrier reviews really helped us a lot.

    Hazel is 7″ at the shoulder and Stella, is 9″ at the shoulder. Doggies Kisses sent from the Chihuahua Girls.

  • Jen

    I can’t tell you how happy I was when I discovered your blog!

    I had been traveling my my little papillon, Molly for a few years when I came across Dog Jaunt. I spent the next few hours reading and reading. I really appreciate the recommendations for dog friendly accommodations and restaurants. I also love that readers can contribute their own experiences with travel.

    Little Molly is 9 inches at the shoulder and she might like another option than her Bergan bag.

  • Anne Benraiss

    Happy birthday Dog Jaunt!

    I came across Dog Jaunt about 3 years ago when I was searching the web for the best dog carriers to travel with my then 1 year old dog Jazz-Min to Canada and France. I found that your blog was by far the most useful source of information in this regard and I learned so much from you about the best ways to travel internationally with a small dog (Jazz-Min is my first dog…).

    Jazz-Min is 9 inches at the shoulder and she is now a seasoned traveler, having been to France and Canada 2 times already in the last 3 years!

    Thank you for all your help in every aspect of air-traveling with a dog!

  • Laurel Hammond

    I found you when we made our decision to travel with our smalll Jack russell terrier to Europe. Your links, articles and tips have been critical in our planning. We leave in 2 weeks. I am hoping everything goes smoothly!
    I have no suggestions- It is such a valuable resource. I need to follow you on FB!
    PS I have been looking for something- didn’t you post about stiff pee pads for crates traveling in the plane. I can’t seem to find that post again.

  • Nope, I missed attaching the right date to the right day (was I looking at April 2012?) — the winner will go up on Monday, which is, in point of fact, the 22nd, not whatever wacky date I put in originally….

  • Anne Benraiss

    The carrier came today. Jazz-Min already likes it a lot… Our cat is a little jealous! Thank you!

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