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When in Rome: Gelato for dogs, and where to find it

In this week’s Chloe’s Clicks, I included a link to a Washington Post story and video about canine gelato (no eggs, milk or sugar) that’s being sold in Rome (currently experiencing temps in the low 90’s). Neither link — nor any other I could find — included the essential info: What stores are selling the doggie gelato cups? So I asked my friend Jessica Spiegel, a travel writer specializing in all things Italy (and Portland, too! she’s responsible for a great Dog Jaunt guest post on Portland’s food trucks), and here’s what she told me:

One of her Italian friends thought it might be sold in a pet store in Trastavere, a neighborhood in Rome (could it be L’Amico Fedele, at Via S. Francesco a Ripa 28?), but Jessica cut to the chase, watched the video, wrote down the name of the company making IceBau (“baubau,” she tells me, is Italian for “woof woof”), and found, on their website, a list of where to find canine gelato throughout Italy.

As she said, the bad news is that the whole site is in Italian. On the bright side, the “Lazio” link (which is the region where Rome is) is actually a Google map of locations (the rest are just normal addresses, listed by region). The Trastavere dog store isn’t listed as one of the shops selling IceBau, but keep it in your files as a Centro Storico dog resource.

Thanks so much, Jessica! Dog Jaunters, if you have any interest in visiting Italy (and who doesn’t?!), make a note of Jessica Spiegel’s name and website (she tweets at @andiamo).

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