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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

The current Dog Jaunt giveaway (for a SturdiProducts Incognito tote) is still going strong, but it’s time to send some links your way. We start with a bouquet of articles about the business benefits of being pet-friendly: CBS Baltimore reports that downtown businesses in Frederick, MD have seen positive results from welcoming shoppers with dogs to their stores and restaurant patios (the title mentions “risks,” too, but no actual harm is cited); ditto for downtown L.A. (without any mention of “risks,” though with a plea, in a comment, for apartment dwellers with pets to clean up after them) from blogdowntown; and a note on Zillow‘s blog that making a rental property pet-friendly is “a good way to increase your profits and fill vacancies quickly.”

In the resources category, check out TripsWithPets‘ new search engine for pet-friendly beaches in the United States and Canada, and an article from the New York Times about Spotwag, another service that helps people tap their own social network for pet sitters (in a previous Chloe’s Clicks, I mentioned Stayhound, which seems to do much the same thing). Another great resource? This post from Gigi Griffis, who’s in Edinburgh, Scotland with Luna, her Yorkie, and provides a useful list of local info, including a recommended vet and some recommended walks.

What if you were in Rome instead, on a hot summer day? You’d find a store that sells gelato for dogs, that’s what you’d do (the canine version is safe for dogs because it contains “no milk, eggs or sugar”). [Here’s a video version of the same story.] I wasn’t able to find out the name of the store that offers the product — please leave a comment if you know it! [7/2/12 Italy expert Jessica Spiegel found out where it’s available.]

I’ll leave you with a fun post from OddityCentral about The Dog Café in Busan, South Korea — an answer to Japan’s cat cafés. According to the article, “Busan is a busy place, with tiny apartments where owning a dog can be considered a luxury, so a place like the Dog Café was just what the city needed.”