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Chloe’s Clicks: Last week’s best dog travel links

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” It’s Chloe’s Clicks — on a Tuesday! Being a week and a half late with the dog travel links probably doesn’t qualify as a disaster of biblical proportions, but I surely do like the quote.

In the last bunch of links, I praised Yakima’s new “Wine Doggies” site, designed to help visitors with dogs — this week I’m pleased to report that the Isle of Wight has just published a guide (“Pawprint”) promoting the island as a dog-friendly destination. Here’s the BBC News story that caught my eye, and here’s the WightLink post about the guide (“the best stomping grounds, pubs and accommodation for canines”), including a link to it.

While we’re abroad, check out a clutch of posts from The Road Unleashed about their visits to England’s Peak District, London, and Switzerland — how happy everyone looks in the many, many pictures!

Other tempting posts include a CNN article about “five Fido-friendly getaways” (what further proof is needed that dog travel has gone mainstream?), with excellent suggestions for North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Las Vegas, Half Moon Bay (on the coast, southwest of San Francisco), Lake Placid, and Boston. CBS Tampa has recommendations for restaurants with “yappy hours” in the Tampa area; Unleash magazine listed its nominees for the 10 best dog parks in the U.S.; and CityDog Magazine featured a visit to Winthrop, WA and Methow Valley (about 4 hours east of Seattle). Much closer to Seattle, the You Did What With Your Weiner team went hiking at, Heaven help us, Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain — the photos, whether of the views or of the three (3) Dachshunds, are a total delight.

The A Traveling Pug team is visiting San Francisco, and wrote posts for about staying at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel and the San Francisco Intercontinental Hotel (a third post is planned for the series). Doug Gelbert, a pioneer of dog travel (best known for his books about hiking with a dog), wrote a guest post for Sleepypod’s new blog (Pet Travel Experts) about the 10 best U.S. dog-friendly beaches.

Speaking of hiking, the Coloradoan posted an excellent, sensible article by Jill Reynolds about hiking with your dog on public trails.

On the negative side of the scale, check out this article (one of dozens) about what happened when singer Jann Arden brought her dog with her on a train trip from Toronto to Ottowa — Canada’s Via Rail, like Amtrak, does not allow pets in passenger cars — then quickly turn to Montecristo Travelsthoughtful summary of what happened, and what should happen with Canadian rail travel and travelers with pets. While you’re checking out Montecristo Travels, be sure to take a look at the team’s carrier suggestions for tiny dogs.

The low point of this post has to be this report from Cleveland’s Plain Dealer of a fatal mauling of a Chihuahua at a South Euclid dog park. There appears to be plenty of fault to go around: The person who brought the Husky to the park wasn’t paying attention to him, and the Chihuahua was reportedly “biting and nipping other dogs.” A local dog care provider is quoted as saying that “placing large and small dogs in a play area is asking for trouble,” and I believe she’s right.

Time for the madcap, miscellaneous links part of Chloe’s Clicks, and we lead off with a hoot of an article from Bloomberg Businessweek describing the results of an extensive taste test of human-grade dog foods (with wine pairings). My eye was also caught by a story in Nothing to Do With Arbroath about Pamela, an Italian dog who took the same train her owner takes to visit his girlfriend in Bologna — but without her owner (she got pretty far, too, reaching Florence before the train staff noticed she was traveling solo).

I’ll leave you with a couple of new sites to check out. The first, The Jet Set Pets, described itself in a USA Today story as “‘the first and only one-stop resource for luxury pet travel expertise'” — which likely came as a surprise to Janine Franceschi, owner of the PAW site and services, but never mind. The other, Stayhound, caught my eye because I’m intrigued by Dog Vacay, the petsitting-matchmaking company I mentioned in the last Chloe’s Clicks, and Stayhound appears to be in a similar space. Frankly, I’m not sure how it works: It’s my impression that they help you post a petsitting request to your Facebook friends, but couldn’t you do that yourself? Take a look and tell me what I’m missing.