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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

I am writing this week’s Chloe’s Clicks on an Amtrak train heading north from New York City — which means, alas, that I don’t have Chloe with me. When, oh, when, will Amtrak decide to re-allow pet dogs on board — at least small ones in carriers, at least on short trips??

And now to the reason you started reading this post, starting with the most serious pet travel link and getting goofier from there. USA Today posted a useful summary article about the current state of the nascent movement to pass vehicle pet restraint laws — so far, New Jersey and Hawaii have laws explicitly targeted at stopping people from traveling with unrestrained dogs (another is pending in Rhode Island), and Arizona, Connecticut and Maine have distracted-driver laws that can be used to curb the problem. (Tennessee is also considering a bill that would prevent drivers from driving with a dog on their lap, but it’s meeting resistance.)

Time for tempting places to share with your dog, and the top contenders this week are Provincetown, MA (a thorough post from the Take Paws team) and the botanical garden in Naples, FL (an understandably rapturous post from Montecristo Travels). It’s rare for pet dogs to be allowed in botanical gardens, and the Naples garden isn’t open to pets every day — but the hours it offers (Tues. and Thurs. before noon) are very workable. Both posts are packed with delightful pictures. Spinning the globe, you and your dog may benefit from this Off Track Planet post about Greek street food.

Unusual pet travel? Take a look at a link from Smithsonian sent by reader Chelsea, about a traveler who has been bicycling around the world for years, joined over time by the members of his family: his wife, their new child, and two dogs. They spend astonishingly little, forage for most of their food — what a story! Also fun: A brief article from the Toronto Independent about the surprising number of tennis stars who travel with their dogs.

I’ll leave you with a link from Modern Dog Magazine with a recipe for dog-friendly Pumpkin Ice Cream (the chicken livers will make it less irresistible for humans) — thanks to @doggeek for the link! — and a joyous post from blogger Gigi Griffis’ The Ramble about the fun she’s having in Scotland with Luna, her Yorkie.