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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

This week’s Chloe’s Clicks comes to you from sunny Florida — to be precise, from inside, looking out at sunny Florida, which is not only sunny but also freaking hot. Note to self: Dream house must have floor-to-ceiling windows, purely for Chloe’s sake.

Doggy TV: At any moment, there could be a squirrel. In between those moments, there are lizards.

It’s a small, but choice, collection of links this week, and they’re mostly about food. Atlanta now has an ice cream truck for dogs, called Poochsicles (thanks to @ThePetBookLady for the link). Look for it at dog parks and events around town (a food truck rally and animal rescue event are currently on the June calendar).

Speaking of food trucks, check out this post about options in Dallas, and this one about options in New York. On our last day in NYC, we caught what turned out to be the last day of Madison Square Eats, a semi-annual (Spring and Fall) month-long event held alongside Madison Square Park. As you can see in the photo, two long arms of (crazy-good) food carts embraced a group of umbrella-shaded tables — or you could take your food loot into the park. Food trucks, I am convinced, are the greatest thing to happen to travelers with dogs since the invention of the soft-sided pet carrier.

From U.S. News & World Report, we have pictures of “the cutest hotel pets,” and speaking of hotels, we also have a fine post from Montecristo Travels about hotel etiquette for pet travelers (or “petiquette,” if you prefer). The Road Unleashed team stayed in an apartment instead — in Rome — and here’s their report. I do love how they provide lots of pictures.

In what usually ends up being my favorite grab-bag paragraph, we have a list of ten pet-friendly colleges, a useful post from Fidose of Reality about pet-friendly things to do in Hawaii (with a bonus cocktail recipe), and a very sensible article from The Seattle Times about hiking with your dog. The last link this week? A post from Go Pet Friendly about an RV campground with a pet policy so restrictive and ludicrous that you have to laugh (it’s the Strawberry Park Resort Campground in Preston, CT — give it a wide berth).