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Photo Friday: Chloe and Seattle’s snowstorm

Today everything’s melting, but for the past week, Seattle has been reduced to walking (and cross-country skiing) speed by a pair of snowstorms. Yes, I know they’d be trivial in Buffalo — but Buffalo has snow plows. Here’s Chloe, finally released into the park after a couple of days kept indoors.

She didn’t need the jacket for warmth on that particular day — it’s an effort to keep her coat from becoming a collection of ice balls. What you can’t see are the Pawz rubber booties on her feet. She has more serious booties, also bought to protect her feet from road salt and ice balls, but we keep coming back to the Pawz booties. I think she likes how thin they are, and I like how they stay on her feet — when she wears her booties that have a Velcro strap, I’m always keeping an eye out for a thrown shoe.

I’d love to see how you and your pup spent your time together this week — please post your photos on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page so we can all see them!

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  • Montecristo

    We have the same occurring “return to Pawz” … we have more serious boots … and more “handsome” boots as well … yet – the green (in our case) Pawz are the ones we return to time and again. Glad to see it isn’t just us.

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