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Pet relief area at Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Not many airport pet relief areas are so silly that they make me laugh out loud when I find them — the pet relief area at Dallas (Terminal D) was one, and now Nashville is on the list.

On the bright side, the airport’s web site provides detailed instructions to find the pet relief area, and it’s marked on the numerous maps posted in the terminal (though not on the on-line interactive airport map). It’s on the ticketing level, which is, conveniently, on the same level as the concourses (it is, however, on the land side of security — though I have to admit that getting back through security only took about five minutes).

The easiest way to find it is to locate the Frontier ticket counter. If, for some reason, the airline desks have been shuffled between now and the time you arrive, consult the airport maps — there are a bunch of them on the walls, and you can use them to track your progress. Walk to the end of the terminal, and exit the building to the right, through the doors across from the Frontier ticket counter. Once you’re outside, turn left. Here’s what you’ll find, maybe 50 feet from the doors:

Dear heaven, it’s tiny. Poop bags are provided, and a trash can, but that’s it. If your dog doesn’t have the scope she needs, or doesn’t like Astroturf, there is an alternative. Keep walking down the sidewalk that leads away from the terminal. As you can (barely) see in this photo, there are some patches of lawn in the distance. The one you can see best is actually across the airport roadway, and it’s really too dangerous to cross over to it. There is, however, a bit of grass across from it, on this side of the roadway, surrounding a parking lot attendant’s booth.

The guy whose torso you can just see, walking away from me? He’s carrying his Min Pin down to the grass. The most useful patch is under the trees in front of him — the bigger patches of grass you see are actually across the airport roadway.

I looked for alternatives on the other, south, side of the ticketing level, and at both ends of the baggage claim level, and didn’t find any. The grassy patches I found are a bit of a walk (especially when the temperature is in the mid-90s, as it was when Chloe and I were there), but trudging out to them does give your dog a chance to stretch her legs. Be sure, of course, to grab a poop bag from the official pet relief area before you set off.

This post is part of an ongoing series of reviews of airport pet relief areas we’ve visited. To see others, visit Dog Jaunt’s handy guide to airport pet relief areas.


  • Monica McLaughlin

    Well really now, how much space do they need? This is a toilet and not a dog run. Most dogs like to go on the exact same spot a million dogs already went on. I live in Manhattan. My dogs just love to go to the bathroom on that very tiny patch of dirt that a tree grows out of. It is much smaller than this little patch and probably gets 1000 times the number of dogs.

  • Hey, Monica! You are a lucky lady. Chloe is a circler, and considers a variety of options before settling on a spot. Neither she nor the Min Pin in the picture approved of this pet relief area!

  • Matt Nedela

    My lab wanted nothing to do with the astroturf. Also I’m paralyzed and use a wheelchair, so if she did go, there would be no way for me to retrieve and dispose of the waste since the area is on top of a 8 inch curb. After scouting the area I was able to get to the grass area mentioned here. The outside side walk from the tcket area is way too steep for my manual wheelchair. Take the first elevator you come to after re-entering the ticketing area to the ground floor; use the door rite by the elevator and the parking lot is rite there. It’s still a little steep coming back. Also there is a trash can as you go back in. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you so much for your report, Matt — I know it’ll help other folks. Usually pet relief area features are just annoying, but this combination of issues is a real problem and not just for you — I’m glad you found a workaround, but I hope BNA makes some changes.

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