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Pet relief area at Albany International Airport (ALB)

There’s nothing on the airport’s web site about a pet relief area, and the person staffing the information desk told me that there isn’t an official pet relief area at ALB. There are small lawns just outside the terminal building, however, and she told me how to find them. Here’s what you do: Walk from your arrival concourse into the main terminal building and turn left. Walk to the end of the building, and next to the Southwest ticket counter you’ll see this wall art:

The Southwest counter is on the left, just outside this picture

Exit through the door below it and you’ll see two promising bits of lawn. Turn left out the exit door to find:

Or walk across the street to this patch of green:

Please note that you'll have to cross the airport roadway to reach this bit of lawn. It's doable -- ALB is a quiet place -- but please be careful.

There are no poop bags provided, so be sure to bring your own.

This post is part of an ongoing series of reviews of airport pet relief areas we’ve visited. To see others, visit Dog Jaunt’s handy guide to airport pet relief areas.

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