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Reader’s report: Pet relief areas at Miami International Airport (MIA) and at Marsh Harbour Airport (MHH)

A few days ago, I posted a report sent to me by reader Amanda about her trip from L.A. to the Bahamas with her husband and their Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, and promised to post separately her description of the two pet relief areas she visited at the airport in Miami. She also provided helpful information about the airport in Marsh Harbour, in the Bahamas’ Abaco Islands.

Miami International Airport (MIA)

According to the MIA web site, “MIA has animal relief areas located at the arrival level at North Terminal D, Central Terminal E and South Terminal J. The relief areas at Concourses E and J are whimsically themed ‘doggy parks.’ All of MIA’s relief areas are equipped with dual surfaces and waste disposal stations.” The airport even provides a map showing the location of the pet relief areas, which I wish more airports would do.

Here’s what Amanda found:

There are four pet relief areas at Miami International Airport. We visited two of them. The relief area outside the Terminal D baggage claim area is small and unenclosed, with red lava rocks on the ground and a few trees and shrubs. However, just a 5-minute walk away (if you’re facing away from Terminal D, walk to the right, just past the end of the Dolphin parking structure), is a larger, enclosed relief area [the Terminal E pet relief area], with grassy sections, lava rocks, shrubs and benches for the humans.

The fenced pet relief area outside MIA

Marsh Harbour Airport (MHH)

Amanda says: “The Marsh Harbour airport is tiny, and you don’t clear security until you’re heading out to board the plane, so giving Wrigley a potty break before our flight was easy. I just walked him out to the grassy area in front of the airport a few minutes before boarding began.”

Thank you so much, Amanda — I’m so grateful for Dog Jaunt’s readers, and their willingness to share what they’ve learned with other travelers with dogs. I’ve added this post to Dog Jaunt’s ongoing series of reviews of airport pet relief areas. To see others, visit Dog Jaunt’s handy guide to airport pet relief areas.


  • Mackenzie

    Thanks for posting this! I love finding a rest area with grass, especially after our travels to San Francisco with my dog, Chloe, where there were only pebbles which she doesn’t care for! Love the blog!

  • Amanda

    Ooops, Mary-Alice, I reported that MIA has four relief areas, but it seems they count the terminal J areas together, which would mean a total of three. Either way, compared to some other airport relief areas I’ve seen, the MIA ones are pretty nice, particularly the terminal E and J ones.

  • Amanda

    Just wanted to give you an update on the MIA relief areas, specifically the one outside Terminal D. As of our last trip (May 2013), the Terminal D relief area has been fenced in (that’s the good news.) The bad news is that it’s pretty disgusting — no grass, just fake-looking plants, lots of litter and cigarette butts. There was no way I’d let Wrigley off-leash there to wander through the plants to do his business. I was afraid of what he’d find/eat/step on. It’s fine for a quick stop, but if you do have time, take a minute or two and walk to the MUCH NICER Terminal E relief area (it’s the one pictured above.) Though even this area is a little run down compared to past years, it’s a million times better than the Terminal D relief spot. .

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