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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

Let’s be honest. I started collecting these links on September 2, so this is really an entire month’s collection. By now it’s old news that TripAdvisor posted a list of its ten most pet-friendly hotels in the U.S. — the algorithm is a little sketchy (“accommodations which have four or more circles out of five on TripAdvisor, and feature the greatest number of TripAdvisor traveler comments describing them as pet- or dog-friendly”), but I loved learning about The Paw House Inn, a Vermont hotel that charges extra for visitors without a dog.

We touch down briefly in Fort Myers, where the Montecristo Travels team checked out the airport pet relief area, and then head west to Boulder (where the Kimpton Crawl team reported on a dog-friendly-ish Whole Foods — your dog can’t come inside, but there’s a water fountain and a patch of grass to comfort her while you shop) and Salt Lake City (Sara, Marty and Oscar, heading west themselves, found a truly dog-friendly farmer’s market).

And then it’s out to my part of the country with the Take Paws and youdidwhatwithyourweiner teams. The Burkerts wrote a very useful post, with tons of pictures, about visiting the Olympic Peninsula with a dog, and Jessica and team saddled up two bikes, two dachshunds, two trailers, and several panniers, and went on “a cycling tour of the North Oregon Coast.” The link takes you to Part I of their journey, packed with pictures — don’t miss Part II, and check out, too, their thorough review of dog-friendly things to do in Astoria.

We’ve run out of U.S., so we head abroad, first with Helen Fazio and Raja, who posted details about their trip to Machu Picchu (yes, Raja got in!) and about Peruvian dogs, and what it was generally like traveling with a dog in Peru. Sign me up, is what I say…. Sign me up, too, for a dog-friendly beach in Italy — here are Venere Travel Blog‘s five picks, located in San Vincenzo, Rimini, Fiumicino (the Bau Beach profiled last August by a Dog Jaunt reader), Abisola Mare, and Cagliari.

Speaking of abroad, check out this article from Lynn Braz, syndicated on BlogHer, about traveling with Jersey, her Shih Tzu, from New York to the Côte d’Azur (and, more generally, about the joy of traveling abroad with your dog — but I particularly enjoyed hearing about how she dealt with Air France’s weight limit for in-cabin dogs). Please note, however, that while she’s right about Australia and New Zealand’s tricky quarantine requirements, the U.K. is very do-able, and will shortly become downright easy.

Still speaking of abroad, here’s a useful link, courtesy of Luxury Paw: I hadn’t heard of, mentioned in a link in an article Janine liked, but this Australian company has a page of links to international hotels that accept pet dogs.

I’ll leave you with a thought-provoking post from Fido Friendly — it’s about a program (Personalized Emergency Training Services) offered by Wag’N Enterprises to pet boarding and day care facilities, and it raises an issue I hadn’t previously considered: Is your dog’s boarding facility prepared to handle a disaster like Irene or, God forbid, Katrina? Or will you find yourself a country (or several) away from your dog, wondering if she’s okay? Consider asking your favorite boarding facility if they’re prepared for a [insert your local disaster], and if they look at you blankly, consider letting them know about this PETS program.